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Flashlights and mounts

  • Flashlight tactical laser WOLFF Pro
    11 995 RUB
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    Laser tactical flashlight WOLFF Pro can be used as a manual, you can also install it on the binoculars, the sight - normal or red dot, as well as for weapons. Mounting brackets: under weapon base Weaver; bracket for diameter 25,4 mm or 30 mm. safety Class of the laser is 2 M, the radiation power – not more than 1 mW. The laser color is green (wavelength 0,535 µm). The range in torch mode up to 400 m, in the mode laser – up to 1500 m. the beam Divergence is less than 0.5°. Power – battery type CR-123, DL-123 V=3V. The duration of continuous operation – up to 4 hours. Operating temperature range -5°C...+40°C. waterproof performance. Dimensions Ø32 x 160 mm. Weight kg 0,170 12 month Warranty. Manufacturer Combat (USA)