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Muzzle brake compensator DTK CC-04 Vepr, saiga 12 gauge

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The main purpose of DTK CC-04 -12 for saiga/Vepr-12 (Red Hit)

DTK (muzzle brake-compensator) GK-04 -12 for saiga/Vepr-12 (Red Hit) is a new development of the famous Russian Red Heat. This removable muzzle attachment, suitable for mounting on shotgun 12 gauge AK: "Vepr 12 and saiga 12", Snipe and wild boar VPO-205-02. DTK largely compensates for the recoil, and reduces the tilt of the barrel to the right and toss up. Extremely effective when firing the turn, flop or when shooting a series of shots as it keeps the barrel in line of sight increases the accuracy and grouping of shots. Have questions about the appointment, mount weapons, technical and operational characteristics, the purchase and delivery of DTK CC-04 Vepr (Red Heat) – contact the experts of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56 . In the item card there is a special tab where you can read or leave reviews about the product.

Features of choke tube "GK-04" with DTK and flash Hider for JUICE-12/VPO-205 (Red Heat)

  • Installation on smooth-bore carbines saiga, Vepr, Snipe
  • Effective recoil reduction
  • Improved weapon control by reducing slip and toss the barrel
  • The suppression of muzzle flash
  • 4 compensating camera of the active-reactive type
  • Made of D16T aircraft aluminum, plating
  • Loose a steel threaded bushing

Design features DTK "GK-04" on the saiga and Vepr 12 cal.

DTK "GK-04" on the saiga and Vepr 12 cal. Has a number of advantages that distinguish it among peers. The design included significant improvements that have improved efficiency and reliability of the product. Steel threaded bushing securely holds the product on the weapon. In addition, the geometry and position of the walls of the jet chambers is improved. For mounting on the weapon is used a steel sleeve which is reliable aluminum, it is less susceptible to thermal expansion and screwing from vibration and shock.

DTK the active-reactive type, and it performs 2 tasks. The reaction chamber has multiple slots, special forms, guides the powder gases in the direction of impact, thereby compensating for it. Also reduces the disposal of weapons. The active camera is equipped with baffles installed at an angle. Is the withdrawal of gases up to reduce the jump of the barrel. As a material applied duralumin alloy D16T is a durable and heat-resistant material, not susceptible to corrosion. All the surface is wear-resistant plating that protects the product from dirt, dust, and the harmful effects grease and even small mechanical stress.

The installation sequence

  1. Unload the rifle, remove the magazine, put the safety on and make sure that no cartridge in the chamber
  2. Screw the counter-nut on the barrel after screw DTK and lock by turning counter-nuts in the opposite direction.
  3. Be SURE to check the alignment of the barrel and DTK. If deviations of alignment operation of weapons is prohibited!

Package includes:

  • Muzzle brake compensator DTK "GK-04" – 1 PC.
  • O-nut – 1 PC.
  • Manual
  • Packaging

Technical features of choke tube "GK-04" with DTK and flash Hider for saiga-12, Vepr-12 (Red Hit)

Main performance characteristics

Muzzle attachment "GK-04" with DTK and flash Hider for saiga-12, Vepr-12

Fastening on the weapon

Removable: on the barrel, thread М22х0.75

Type muzzle brake compensator

Jet type

Additional features

The flash Hider

Designed for weapons

Saiga-12 (ASC-12), Vepr-12 (VPO-205), Snipe

Physical and operational characteristics


Aluminum alloy D16T


Black, matte

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



RED GROUP LLC, Moscow, Russia

Case material
aluminum alloy
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
36 × 126 × 49
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
140 × 55 × 90
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)