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Cover of the receiver is "Bastion" with a Weaver rail for AK/saiga/Vepr

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The main purpose of the receiver cover "Bastion" with a Weaver rail for AK/saiga/Vepr

Cover of the receiver is "Bastion" with a Weaver rail for AK/saiga/Vepr applies if you want to create the top gun base AK, RPK, hunting rifles based on them ("saiga", "Vepr"), StrikeBall-copies, as well as on the pneumatic rifles such as "cadet" or "Recruit". Installation is performed instead of the regular receiver cover and rear sight automatic. Fixation by means of special steel pin with a groove, which is in the package. This product is equipped with the upper base of weaver (Weaver Rail 21 mm) of sufficient length for installation of the collimators, optical sights, laser sight or sighting of several complexes. For installation on this base also suitable equipment mounts Picatinny rail (Picatinny).

The cover of the receiver "Bastion" made of structural steel coated with a special corrosion-resistant composition. Without problems maintains all staffing-temperature, shock or vibration loads. Top mounted strap weaver (mount on 3 screws), made of duralumin alloy D-16T. Axial sampling in a bracket (slot) makes it comfortable to use the open sights without removing the optics. If you have any questions on the purpose, configuration, ordering, purchase or delivery of the receiver cover "Bastion" is to get answers from the specialists of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. Also on the website there is a handy form to ask a question online or leave a review about the product.


  • The rifles: AK-47, AKM, AKMS, AKS, AK-74, AK "Hundredth" series
  • Machine guns: RPK, RPK-74, RPKS, RPKN, SSBN, rpkm, RPK-74С, RPK-74N, RPK-74M.
  • Carbines rifles: saiga 22, 5,6 saiga, saiga 7,62x39 saiga. .223 saiga 5,45x39.
  • 02 saiga 7,62x39, saiga .223 02, 02 saiga 5,45x39 saiga 04 7,62x39, saiga .223 04, 04 saiga 5,45x39.
  • Saiga M3 7,62x39, saiga M3 .223 saiga M3 5,45x39, saiga M3 EXP-01 .223 saiga M3 EXP-01 7,62x39.
  • Saiga M3 EXP-01 5,45x39, saiga MK 107, saiga M3 EXP-01 7,62x39, saiga M3 EXP-01 .223 saiga MK 7,62x39.
  • Saiga MK .223 saiga MK 5,45x39 saiga MK-01 7,62x39 saiga MK-01 .223 saiga MK-01 5,45x39 saiga MK-02 7,62x39.
  • Saiga MK-02 .223 saiga MK-02 5,45x39 saiga MK-03 7,62x39 saiga MK-03.
  • Vepr 9mm Luger MA-01, MA Vepr 9mm Luger-02, boar JUICE-94, the Vepr JUICE-97, boar VPO-123-01, pare VPO-125.
  • Boar VPO-126, boar-VPO-133, boar-VPO-134, boar VPO-136, boar VPO-136-KM Vepr, Vepr MA-136-S.
  • Vepr MA-AK, Vepr MA-AK-01, Vepr MA-AK-02, Vepr MA-AK-03, Vepr MA - AK-04.
  • Air rifle CADET, RECRUIT.
  • Airsoft copies of military weapons.

Package includes:

  • The cover of the receiver "Bastion" -1 PCs
  • Fastening pin – 1 PC.
  • Retaining ring
  • Packaging

Technical characteristics of the receiver cover "Bastion" with a Weaver rail for AK/saiga/Vepr

Main performance characteristics

Cover of the receiver is "Bastion" with a strap Weaver for AK/saiga/Vepr

Fastening on the weapon

DC: instead of the regular cover and rear sight

Mount optics

Weaver Rail (weaver) 21 mm Picatinny Rail (Picatinny rail) 21 mm

Installed equipment

Reflex sight, optical sight, extra front sight, etc.

Designed for weapons

AK-47, AK-74, AK-101..., AK-108, "saiga", "Vepr", PP-19-01 "Vityaz", "Junker", "Recruit", + StrikeBall their copies

Physical and operational characteristics


Steel, aluminum alloy D-16 T



Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



NTK "AKademia", Moscow, Russia.

Case material
aluminum alloy
Weaver rail
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
265 × 37 × 45
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
285 × 45 × 38
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer