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Swivel foregrip with retractable legs, CAA TACTICAL

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The main purpose of the transfer arm fire with retractable bipod (CAA Tactical)

Handle transfer of the fire with retractable bipod (CAA Tactical) is used as an accessory for a more reliable and accurate, and most importantly – quick aiming. Can be mounted on any weapon fitted with Picatinny rail ( Picatinny Rail), it will also guide weaver (Weaver Rail). Usually mounted on a tactical forearm (lower part). Allows more comfortable to hold the weapon, allowing more comfortable to aim while moving, so as to minimize a vertical deviation of the trunk occurring due to respiration.

The handle is equipped with a retractable bipod that allow you to set the weapon on a stable surface and focus fire. Themselves bipod mounted on a rotating frame which provides the headmistress of weapons fire in the sector of 140 degrees. Built-in mechanism for self-returns the Pitman arm to the center position. For any additional questions about operational characteristics, installation on the gun, the warranty, the purchase or delivery of tactical rotary handle with retractable legs, CAA Tactical please contact the specialists of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. In the item card on the website there is a special form where you can ask questions online and to give feedback.

Main technical characteristics tactical grip with retractable bipod CAA Tactical

  • Material – aluminum alloy bipod – resin with metal core, attaching – steel.
  • High reliability of all mechanisms in harsh conditions (sand, mud, rain)
  • Installation on the Picatinny rail (Picatinny Rail)
  • Bipod features legs made from hard rubber to complete immobility
  • Extension bipod with the push of a button (spring mechanism)
  • Bipod mounted on a rotary support (rotation angle 140 degrees), the automatic alignment of the
  • Corrugated comfortable the handle is equally comfortable for righties/lefties
  • Compact size and light weight

The design features handles transfer of the fire with the bipod and mount Picatinny/weaver (CAA Taktical)

Carrying handle fire with the bipod and mount Picatinny/weaver (CAA Taktical) made of durable, resistant to thermal or mechanical stress material. A distinctive feature is the light weight and anti-corrosion quality. Arm was originally designed for installation on heavy weapons, so it has a high margin of safety and can be used in harsh conditions, is not afraid of mud, sand or rain. The handle has an ergonomic shape and a ribbed surface for a comfortable grip, is equally adapted for left and right hands. Its use can significantly dampen the impact during firing, more accurate aim, especially while moving.

Installation is extremely simple, requires no special tools or gunsmith. The handle is mounted on the Picatinny rail (usually at the bottom of the tactical forearm) and is clamped by a nut. Also can be installed on the weaver rail. An important feature of this product are retractable bipod (legs). They are spring loaded, and POPs per second automatically. Control button located in the upper part of the handle (under your thumb). This allows you to set the weapons on the fixed support in a matter of seconds, without being distracted from the goal. The support bipod is made of hard ribbed rubber for the immobility of the weapon during firing. Bipod mounted on a rotating frame which provides the rotation angle of 140 degrees.

Package includes:

  • Tactical hand grip with retractable bipod CAA Tactical Assembly - 1 PC.
  • Packaging

Technical characteristics of the handle of the transfer of fire with retractable bipod

Main performance characteristics

Handle transfer of the fire with retractable bipod

Fastening on the weapon

Permanent: Weaver Rail (weaver) 21 mm Picatinny Rail (Picatinny rail) 21 mm


Rubber bearing, swivel

Additional equipment

Retractable bipod

Designed for weapons

Anyone with the appropriate mount

Physical and operational characteristics


Aluminum, polymer



Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



CAA Global, Israel.

Caa Tactical
Case material
aluminum alloy, plastic
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
240 × 170 × 67
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer
  • Обзор поворотной тактической рукояти с выдвижными ножками CAA TACTICAL