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Binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF

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The main purpose of binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF

A series of astronomical binoculars ARK of the Japanese company Vixen features a large aperture (80 mm) and quality image. You can use Vixen ARK as the primary Supervisory tool or as an accessory to the telescope.

Pancratic binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF has increased (expansion) depending on the distance from the observation object or the need to study fine details without changing the location of the observer. Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF is intended to panoramic view and study objects in space (constellations, nebulae, the milky way) can be used for terrestrial observations. Thanks to the special design and high quality optical elements, the instrument provides a clear and vivid picture, as in good daylight and in poor visibility conditions (fog, cloudiness).

Design features of binocular Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF

Binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF binocular with variable magnification in the range from 16 to 40 times. With the help of the ground mechanism is a transition from one magnification to another (the lever is set opposite the appropriate value on the graduated scale, located on the inner side of the right eyepiece), and, accordingly, vary such parameters as the exit pupil diameter, angle of view and aperture. Precise tuning of the Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF is carried out through the mechanism of Central focusing with a diopter adjustment. After each change of magnification necessary to carry out adjustment of focusing of the image.

Combination system Porro prisms made of optical glass BaK4 fully and multi-layered anti-reflective coating lenses lenses and eyepieces to astronomical binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF provides the best light output by minimizing light loss when passing through optical components, allowing to obtain bright and sharp images. Durable and lightweight waterproof, aluminum alloy reduces the weight of the structure and provides protection from mechanical damage, precipitation and moisture. Rubber coating prevents slipping from the hands during work with binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF. The nitrogen filling prevents fogging from the inside (when the change in temperature or in high humidity conditions).

For mounting on a tripod (the mount) zoom binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF is equipped with a special adapter (tripod mount ¼ in) allows you to balance the binoculars on a tripod.

Terms of use of the binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF

Operating temperature range from -25°C to + 50°C.

The most detailed information about design features and operating conditions of binocular Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF You can learn from the experts of our online store, asking a question online or by calling (495) 989-10-56.

Technical characteristics of the binoculars Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF

Technical data

Vixen Giant 16-40x80 BCF

Magnification, times

16 - 40

Effective Lens Diameter, mm


Relative brightness

25,0 - 4,0

Exit Pupil Diameter, mm

5,0 - 2,0

The removal of exit pupil, mm

22 - 15

Field of View, deg

2,6 - 1,3

Apparent field of view, deg

41,6 - 52

Field of View at 1000m, m

45 - 23

Close Focus, m


Tripod mount, inch

1/4 (adapter included)

Focus type


Type prism


Optical glass


Optical coating

full multilayer antireflective

Water resistant




Overall dimensions, mm


Unit weight, kg


Lens diameter (mm)
16 — 40
Field of view (deg)
1.3 — 2.6
Field of view (m/1000m)
23 — 45
Exit pupil diameter (mm)
2 — 5
Eye Relief (mm)
Close focus (m)
Optical designs
Porro prism
Case material
aluminum alloy
The coverage of the case
rubber cover
Tripod socket 1/4"
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
420 × 325 × 187
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
420 × 325 × 187
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer