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Flashlight tactical laser WOLFF Pro

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The main purpose of the under-barrel laser flashlight Wolff Pro

Laser tactical flashlight WOLFF Pro powered optics with multilayer enlightenment coating is able to ensure the visibility of objects at a distance of 350 metres. Focused beam of green light does not disturb and will not spook the beast, but will perfectly illuminate it. There is no annoying blindness after the shutdown, until the eyes get used (as occurs when using flashlights with white light). When using the flashlight in conjunction with a telescopic sight is a great alternative to night vision devices when all of the items that are visible in the telescopic sight, illuminated with green light.

Light source in the lamp Wolff Pro is a semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 0,532 µm. Bringing focus to the zero position, you get a powerful laser designator operating at distances up to a mile. Feature of the laser beam is narrowly focused action, and that it is not visible. That is, no illumination in the optical sight, and no interference when aiming. the arrow is only visible in bright green marker on the target. Laser tactical flashlight Wolff Pro is an extremely effective device to improve shooting efficiency, which is used successfully by many hunters.

The main characteristics of the gun laser flashlight Wolff Pro

  • Distinguishability of objects in torch mode up to 400 m
  • Distance mode laser up to 1500 m
  • Laser radiation power less than 1 mW
  • The wavelength of 0.532 microns (green color in the visible spectrum)
  • The angle of divergence of the beam is less than 0.5°
  • Is equipped with a remote node enable
  • Change the diameter of the light beam
  • Supply voltage of 3 volts, using rechargeable batteries type CR-123A (included), DL-123A
  • The duration of continuous operation: up to 3 hours
  • Operating temperature range: -5 ... + 40°C
  • Waterproof performance
  • Dimensions Ø32 x 160 mm
  • 12 month warranty.

The design features under-barrel laser flashlight Wolff Pro

Excellent protection from moisture and dust emit laser tactical flashlight Wolff Pro among other counterparts. Reliable and robust aluminum housing, which is not dangerous corrosion, covered with anodized coating. The optical module is closed solid polycarbonate, resistant to temperature and impact. Additionally, the flashlight comes with a rubberized cap from the lens. The inclusion of tactical flashlight Wolff Pro can be performed using the switch on the flashlight, and using an external node activation. Mounting on the weapon is made using a bracket with a bore diameter of 25.4 mm or 30 mm (with special insert). The laser beam from the STP is performed by means of special screws on the lamp bracket (supplied).

A distinctive feature of laser light is the possibility of changing the beam diameter by means of lenses made of optical glass. The minimum focused beam allows to obtain a powerful laser pointer with an effective range of up to 1500 meters. When using scattered radiation in your hands will be indispensable in any hunting flashlight, able to illuminate objects at a distance of 400 metres. The primary power source – 3-volt Li-Ion battery type CR-123A, ensuring continuous operation of the lamp to 3 hours. If you have any questions on the operation, characteristics, purchasing, payment tactical laser flashlight Wolff Pro, contact managers of our online store on t (495) 989-10-56. You can also ask questions on the website by filling in the short form.


Security laser – M2! Do not allow direct or directly reflected beam into the eyes of yourself or others. This constitutes a serious threat to the organs of vision.

Package includes:

  • Flashlight laser Pro Combat Wolff (USA)
  • Battery CR-123 – 1 piece
  • Bracket – 2 PCs
  • Adapter bracket
  • Cover on the lens
  • The remote host enable
  • Contact tape mounting node
  • L-shaped key-knob – 2 PCs
  • Packaging - hard plastic case
  • The passport of the product
  • Warranty card

Technical specifications under-barrel laser flashlight Wolff Pro

Technical data

Tactical laser flashlight Wolff Pro

The type of lantern


Range, m


The wavelength of the laser radiation

(color), µm

0,532 (bright green)

Laser radiation power, mW


Physical and operational characteristics

The voltage, V


The type of power sources

battery CR-123, DL-123, 18650

Time of continuous operation from fully charged batteries, not less, hour.


Range of working temperatures, °C

-5 to +40

Dimensions, mm





Combat (USA)

Lens diameter (mm)
Case material
aluminum alloy
The coverage of the case
1" tube, Weaver rail
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
32 × 16 × 0
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
67 × 123 × 213
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)