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Klever-Ballistol 50ml Schnellbrunierung. means for bluing

Internal code: 6743
1,150 Р Last price: 1 150 RUB
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Means for bluing KLEVER - liquid for a quick bluing. Scratches and scuffs disappear, and the weapon becomes like new.

Method of use: the Weapon must be thoroughly cleaned from fat and grease with Robla-Kaltentfetter. Then apply KLEVER-Schnellbrünierung with a brush on the damaged area. Soon after applying (about 3 minutes) will appear yellow-white coating that should be washed off with water. Then dry the treated surface with a soft handkerchief and spray BALLISTOL or Gunex. Ready! (Note that KLEVER-Schnellbrünierung no effect on steel, which contains more than 3% chromium).


The drug is toxic when ingested and inhaled. Danger of burns. In contact with skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

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