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Bracket for TNC sights on the CZ 550 (plane) VOMZ

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Out of stock

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The main purpose of mounts for scopes PNS "plane" on the CZ550 (VOMZ)

Top mount for PNS "plane" on the CZ550 (VOMZ) is used for mounting optical sights (night) Pilad (PNS 2,5x50) for CZ550 rifles . Mounting height (the distance from the plane of the Armory of the base to the plane of installation of the sight) is 35.5 mm – thanks to this landing the shooter will not have fatigue even with prolonged use. Installation of the optics is done in the factory seat mounts without the use of additional adapters or adapters are guaranteed reliability and immovability of mounting night optics even with the active and continuous shooting.

Key features of the bracket of scopes PNS 2,5x50 on the CZ550 rifles

  • For installation of scopes PNS 2,5x50 (Pilad) on a carbine CZ 550 all series
  • Quick release mount type
  • Not require re-zeroing the scope after re-install
  • Material - durable aluminum alloy
  • Overall dimensions 332 x 35.5 x 40 mm
  • Weight 0.15 kg
  • Manufacturer JSC "VOMZ" (Pilad), Vologda, Russia

Design features the mounting of scopes PNS 2,5x50 on the CZ550 rifles (VOMZ)

Fasteners bracket for mounting of scopes PNS 2,5x50 (Pilad) made under the original base CZ550, they can be installed on any model rifle in this series. Unlike universal mounts, these brackets have a specific projection, performing the role of additional stops, which successfully "absorbs" the impact and prevents longitudinal displacement of the bracket. Locks bracket – quick release, so setup will not need the tool. After completing the initial zeroing of the sight when you first install, in the future will not be necessary in the calibration of the sight, guaranteed repeat of STP (mean point of impact) on subsequent installations.

The mount is made of aluminum alloy with high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. Also, this material is much lighter than steel, does not weigh down the weapon and not throw the balance. For any questions regarding the purpose of installation on the gun, order and purchase the bracket CZ 550 for NTC (plane), you can contact the customer service of our Internet-shop by phone (495) 989-10-56. Or ask questions directly on the site online by going to the appropriate tab in the item card.

The package

  • Bracket CZ 550 for NTC (plane) – 1 PC.
  • Packaging

Specifications top mount for PNS "plane" on the CZ550 (VOMZ)

Technical data

Mount NVG (plane) on the CZ550 (VOMZ)

Fastening on the weapon

Quick-release, top, dovetail CZ 550

Mount optics

The plane of fixation screws

The installation height of

35,5 mm

Installed equipment

Night sights Pilad PNS 2,5x50, 3x50 PNS

Designed for weapons

CZ550, CZ555

Physical and operational characteristics


Aluminum alloy



Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



JSC "VOMZ" (Pilad), Vologda, Russia