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Bracket CPN-5 for the sights PN on the Moose-7, bars

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Out of stock

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The main purpose of the upper bracket, PNC-5 to night sight NP "Zenit" in the "Los-7" (CMH)

Upper bracket ANC-5 for night sights NP "Zenit" in the "Los-7" (CMH) is used to set night scopes on different firearms: carbines "Moose" (modify the "Los-7"/"KO 7", "Los-7-1"/"KO-7-1"), "KO-5,6-1", "bars" (model "bars-4", "bars-4-1"), "Sable". The bracket is mounted on the upper guide dovetail and crimped screws. Bracket ANC-5 "Zenit" custom one-piece base, securely holds massive night sight. This design mounts scopes PN has a positive effect on the service life of the bracket and the weapons as base weapons.

Bracket ANC-5 "Zenit" produced by Krasnogorsk plant and is used to set a number of night optical sights of this plant: NP-105 NP-200, NP-260 NP-400. Fastening of the sight on the bracket is on the plane without the use of additional adapters, the fixing – screws. This ensures stable and reliable installation of the optics on the bracket, and the ease of Assembly/disassembly. The bracket is not afraid of water, dirt, gases, heavy loads during impact. The durable coating will withstand all the difficulties of multi-day hunting. If there are additional questions on the characteristics, specifications, buying, or shipping of the bracket CPN-5 "Los-7" – please contact managers of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. Also you can ask questions directly on the product page in the appropriate tab and read reviews.

The bracket is only sold complete with night sights production of the Krasnogorsk plant: NP-105 NP-200, NP-260 NP-400

The package

  • Bracket CPN-5 "Los-7" – 1 PC.
  • Mounting screws – 3 PCs.
  • Packaging

Specifications mount for night sights NP "Zenit" in the "Los-7" (CMH)

Technical data

Mount for night sights NP "Zenit" in the "Los-7" (CMH)

Fastening on the weapon

Quick release: upper limit of "dovetail"

Mount optics

Factory attachment locations

Installed equipment

Night sights NP-105 NP-200, NP-260 NP-400

Designed for weapons

The carbine "Los-7"/"KO 7", "Los-7-1"/"KO-7-1", "KO-5,6-1", "bars-4", "bars-4-1", "Sobol"

Physical and operational characteristics






PAO Krasnogorskiy Zavod im. S. A. Zverev Krasnogorsk, Russia

3/8" dovetail rail
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
175 × 50 × 28
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer