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Collimator PKM-A Weaver

Internal code: 5429
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Out of stock

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Purpose and description collimator sight PKM-A

Collimator PCM-A is designed to simplify, enhance the speed and accuracy of aiming of firearms with Picatinny mount, Weaver. Due to the absence of zoom, the image in the riflescope has the same scale as the panorama around him. Therefore, a shooter can aim, even without closing the other eye. Reviewing the maximum field of view which allows human vision. Field of view limited by the optics of the sight - 12 degrees, which is about 21 m at a distance of 100 m. distance of exit pupil is not limited to the rigid framework and allows us to "catch" the aiming mark in a very wide range. She reticle is a red dot size 2 MoA obtained by projecting the thinnest beam of the led on the reflective surface of the lens. The brightness of the brand is regulated by the drum switch in the middle to the end of the arrow on the battery compartment. You can choose from 8 levels. The switch has 2 positions "off" under the index "0" so that the order of the brightness change depends on the starting zero. If "0" was recorded after "1" first, it enables the brightest, under the symbol "1" and further the brightness is reduced to the bare minimum (for twilight) under the symbol "8", then followed by another extreme position "0". The inclusion of it - only in reverse order. The switch is equally accessible and comfortable for both right-and left-hand. With careful switching it is possible to obtain absolute silence.
The sight is powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries, size AA, which allows to obtain a very large resource of continuous work, which the producer guarantees at the level of 260 hours. The sight does not lose health to the tension loss as much as 0.2 V.

Optics red-dot sight PKM-A

Feature all red dot sights - reflective coating on the lens to render the aiming mark. This coating significantly reduces the transmission of all collimators. The task of the opticians to make such coverage so that the reticle was visible well and the picture is not much obscured. Engineers optics Krasnogorsk plant them. S. A. Zvereva successfully coped with this task the scope is quite bright and not inferior in this parameter expensive competitors.
The riflescope allows you to add 2 times the magnifying attachment. This allows you to increase the range of sight and recognition of parts of the target. At the same aiming mark is doubled to 4 MOA. And the field of view is decreased accordingly. 2 times the nozzle included in scope of delivery!

Mount collimator sight PKM-A

This car is equipped with a strap mount on Picatinny and Weaver. This is one of the most common mounts are simple and reliable. There are many different versions of these brackets, adapters that can be installed on a huge number of guns and rifles in a variety of places. Mount with a single clamp that simplifies the installation and increases the number of possible attachment points.

Technical characteristics of the PKM sight-A:

Magnification: 1-fold magnification. (2 kratom with nozzle)
Exit pupil diameter: 20 mm (10 mm).
Angular field of view: 12° (6°).
The number of gradations of brightness of the aiming mark: 8.
Time of continuous operation at maximum brightness: 260 h
The circuit voltage of backlight: 1,5 - 0,2 V.
Type of battery: AA ("penlight").
Spacing: 2 cm/100 m.
Operating temperature range: -40°C to +50°C.
Dimensions: 140х70х80 mm.
Weight - 360g.

Package includes: collimator PCM-A with bracket, dual cap and eyepiece lens, lens hood sun (thread M35x0,75), 2 times the nozzle case (protective bag).