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Night sight NP-400 Mil-Dot + parabola

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The purpose of a rifle scope NV NP-400

Night vision sight NP-400 with the electron-optical Converter of the III generation provides accurate sighting at the target and the required level of brightness and contrast of the image when observing at night, with natural and reduced level lighting. The picture preserves saturation and clear detail throughout the field of view, maximum range of detection and recognition of objects 900-750 meters at an illumination of 0.001 Lux. The housing is IP54 protected against water and dust withstands sudden temperature changes, prolonged exposure to precipitation and designed for shock loads of up to 7000 joules (shooting ammunition 30-06 Springfield / 7.62х63 or rounds calibre .338 Lapua Mag).

The company is a developer and manufacturer of PJSC "Krasnogorskiy Zavod im. S. A. Zvereva".

Important features and advantages of rifle scope NV NP-400

  • IIT brand of EPM 102Г0222А generation III with the integral sensitivity of the photocathode to 1800 µa/LM and a resolution of more than 57 lines/mm
  • Automatically change screen brightness and the integrated light overload protection
  • Green phosphor
  • The maximum range of detection and recognition of objects the size of a boar at an illumination of 1*10-3 Lux (moonless sky) — 900 m, using the IR illuminator at an illumination of 1*10-4 Lux (sky) — 300 m
  • Infrared led with a wavelength of 870 nm and a three-stage (100 / 50 / 25 mW) power level control, continuous working time up to 5 hours
  • Inner focus lens is carried out manually at a distance of 15 m
  • Eyepiece with comfortable removable Eyecup and diopter setting +/- 4 diopters
  • Hinged lens cover with swivel aperture (diameter of holes 0.5 to 5 mm) to turn on / of the sight in the afternoon or in the early twilight
  • Manual adjustment of the brightness of the image
  • Class of enclosure protection — IP54 (high dust / moisture in the air, the droplets / water jets at an angle of 180°)
  • The operating temperature range for lithium batteries is -20°C to +50°C for batteries — -40°C to +50°C
  • The increased muzzle energy, and maximum of 7 000 j
  • Grid Mil-Dot + parabola with adjustable brightness and determining the distance to a goal (130 m)
  • Flywheels of input of the vertical and horizontal corrections with limiters from a random offset and a protective cap, the price of 1-click — 28 mm / 100 m

Advantages and design features of the rifle scope NV NP-400

IIT Gen. III is characterized by increased sensitivity of the photocathode in the infrared region of the spectrum (from 1200 µa/LM), greater clarity (57-64 lines/mm vs 45 lines/mm at the Gen. II+) and operation time (service life — up to 10 thousand hours); provides stable operation of a sight in conditions of extremely low illumination (night sky, sometimes there are small clouds). The screen brightness changes automatically, when released into the field of view bright light sources is activated a built-in protection from light overloads. Green phosphor for optimal field observations or summer hunting, as it increases the distance of detection and recognition purposes.

As an additional light source, applies the built-in diode IR illuminator with 3-speed (100 / 50 / 25) power adjustment.

The original device lens caps — rotating diaphragm with a choice of hole diameter (from 0.5 to 5 mm) allows you to enable the sight to work at dusk or to check in daylight.

Mark Mil-Dot illuminated red and provides precise route guidance with the determination of the distance to the selected object. The offset mesh is performed in discrete increments 28 mm / 100 m, the selected position is fixed by screws. To achieve the desired sharpness of the impact of strokes and lines used diopter adjustment of the eyepiece to obtain a clear image of the object of shooting is manual focus lens.

The body is made of aluminum alloy, can withstand shock loads up to 7 thousand joules (corresponding to a muzzle energy of ammunition in caliber .338 Lapua Magnum). The shell is protected against dust and water jets from any direction (protection class IP54), designed for difficult operating conditions, e.g., temperatures of up to -20°C, rain or high moisture / dust in the air. The lack of a rigid attachment strap allows you to set night vision device NP-400 weapons with different types of attachment.

When buying sight comes with one of the brackets:

  • The side bracket on the carbine OP SKS with the rail dovetail 90x15x2,5 mm
  • Bracket side КПН1 "Tiger"
  • Bracket side КПН2 "saiga"
  • Bracket side КПН3 "Vepr"
  • Bracket upper mounting КПН4 "Moose 91", "КО9,31"
  • Bracket upper mounting КПН5 "bars 4" / "bars 41", "КО7" / "КО71" / "КО5,67", "7 Moose / Elk 71"

Package includes:

  • Rifle scope NP-400
  • Bracket (optional)
  • Key
  • The battery CR 123
  • Case
  • User manual + warranty card

In our online store you will receive complete and accurate information about the night vision scopes of the Krasnogorsk plant. Post your question on the website or call us at +7 (495) 989-10-56 and we will get back to you!

Technical characteristics of the rifle scope NV NP-400

Technical data



Electro-optical Converter

Generation of EOP


Brand IIT

EPM 102Г0222А

The gain brightness

20 000 — 35 000

The diameter of the working area of the photocathode, mm


Integral photocathode sensitivity, µa/LM,no less 1200 — 1800
The resolution limit, lines/mm 45 — 57


Magnification, times


Lens focus, mm


The field of view, °


Field of view m/100 m



on the lens
The minimum focusing distance, m 15
The removal of exit pupil, mm 50
Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter +4
The recognition range, m(object 0.5 x 1.8 m; light exposure 5x10 -3 Lux) 900 — 750
Built-in IR illuminator



Wavelength, nm


Capacity, mW 25 / 50 / 100
Range of detection, m (object 0,5x1,8m;illumination 5x10 -4Lux) up to 300


The voltage, V


Type of batteries

CR 123

Battery life,hours:

in activemail (max power illuminator)

- in passive mode



The use of the weapon

Mesh type

Mil-Dot + parabola

The color of the grid


Price 1 click, mm/100m

The adjustment range, m/100 m 1,2
Shock resistance on the steel (valid значениеЕ0), Joules 7 000
Fastening on the weapon Weaver / narrow 11-12 mm /side / without attachment

Physical and operational characteristics

Case material

Aluminum alloy
Operating temperature range,
-20 ... +50

Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529)




Overall dimensions, mm

290 x 100 x 85

Warranty period, years

Country of origin
Lens diameter (mm)
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Field of view (deg)
Field of view (m/1000m)
Field of view (m/100m)
Eye Relief (mm)
Close focus (m)
The maximum range of measurement, m
On the lens
Diopter adjustment, DPTR
-40 — 50
Case material
aluminum alloy
The coverage of the case
Weaver rail, 3/8" dovetail rail, SVD / AK side rail, special
Adjustment per click at 100m (mm)
The adjustment range (m/100m)
Mil-Dot, SVD-tipe (stadiametric reticle)
Illumination of a grid
IR illumination
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
290 × 100 × 85
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
325 × 123 × 100
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Operating temperature, °C
-40 — 50
Part manufacturer