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Tactical flashlight with laser sight LEAPERS

Internal code: 7417
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Out of stock

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Rifle tactical xenon flashlight with laser pointer.

The lantern has a removable mobile laser designator. The pointer can move relative to the axis of lamp 16 positions. Laser pointer is equipped with an individual click on and off and also has a separate remote button.

The lantern has a protective inorganic glass, allowing operation in harsh conditions.


Type of lamp – xenon. Bulb type: 23mm Xenon IRB.

The diameter of the block is "head", mm : 26. Length 124 mm.

Max width, mm: 42. Maximum height, mm: 48.

Voltage of lamp (V): 6. The maximum power of the lamp, lumen: 126.

The time of the lamp at maximum capacity, min.: 70.

The battery: lithium battery CR123A Lithium 3V, 2 PCs.


Laser class: 3R. Range of up to 200 meters.

Focusing luminous flux: Yes. Laser output power: 2.5 - 3.1 mW.

Voltage designator (V): 6. Wavelength: 630 - 640nm.

Continuous operation time from one set of batteries: 80 minutes.

Range of motion of the laser beam: 80 cm, 10 m

Work temperature: from - 10 to + 45°C.

The battery: lithium battery LR44 (AG13) 4 pieces.

Package includes:
Leapers tactical flashlight LT-ZLP38 1 piece..
Remote button for flashlight LEAPERS LT-ZLP38 (wire length 260 - 700 mm) 1 PC .
Lithium battery CR123A Lithium 3V 2 PCs .
Remote button for designator LEAPERS LT-ZLP38 (the length of the wire 240 - 450 mm) 1 PCs.
Lithium battery LR44 (AG13) 4 PCs..
Adjustment (mounting screwdriver) 1 PCs .
Velcro 2 PCs .
Illustrated instructions for Assembly and installation.

Case material
aluminum alloy
Weaver rail
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer