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Magazine Extension Tube for Browning (mod. Gold, Gold Fusion) on 2 cartridges 12 gauge

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The main purpose of the extension of the store BGF-2-by-2 cartridge (Delta-Tech)

The extension barrel, a store (UPM) for BGF-2 for 2 cartridge (Delta-Tech) can be used for installation on pump action shotguns Browning (mod. Gold, Gold Fusion), and Winchester Super X3. Only slightly heavier arms and knocks him of balance, as it is made of aluminum alloy В95Т. This alloy combines high strength and stiffness, but significantly lighter than steel counterparts and impervious to corrosion. At UPM BGF-2 is coated with a special polymer coating that is resistant to thermal and mechanical loads that are not susceptible to abrasion and chipping even after long and active use.

This modification of UPM BGF-2 adds to the basic store further 2 cartridges 12 caliber, which in some situations can be crucial (for example, inaccurate shooting or hunting). You can install it even in the field, and independently. To install, Unscrew the cover, replace the spring on the longer (supplied) and secure the extension cable on this thread. Optionally, you can install the sling swivel gun belt (will need a screwdriver). For questions about application, installation on the weapon, purpose, characteristics, the purchase and delivery of extension barrel, a store BGF-2, you can contact managers of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56 . You can also write questions directly on the website by filling out a convenient form.


Before starting work make sure that the weapon is completely unloaded and the safety is on! When installing and removing the extension tube barrel store (PBSO) to ensure no ammunition in the weapon. The amount of ammunition in a firearm for civilian use in the "Law on weapons" of the Russian Federation shall not exceed 10 ammunition (except sporting events).

Package includes:

  • The extension barrel, a store BGF-2 – 1 PCs.
  • Spring – 1 PC.
  • Washer – 1 PC.
  • Sling swivel – 1 EA.
  • Ring swivels – 1 PC.
  • Screw for strap clips – 1 EA.
  • Packaging

Technical characteristics of the extension of the store BGF-2 for Browning (Delta-Tech)

Technical data

Extension store BGF-2 for Browning

Fastening on the weapon

Removable: screw, nut instead of a regular store


2 cartridges



Designed for weapons

Browning Gold, Browning Gold Fusion, Winchester Super X3

Physical and operational characteristics


Aluminum alloy В95Т, polymer coating


Matte black

Length, mm


Weight, kg



OOO "Delta-Tek", Tula, Russia

Case material
aluminum alloy
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
1 × 9 × 2
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
500 × 65 × 55
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)