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Accessories and parts for flashlights

  • A mounting clamp extension cable
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 7 USD

    A mounting clamp extension cable used for additional fixation of tubular underbarrel store for different guns with under-barrel type store Mr-153, Remington, Mossberg, Winchester, Browning, Benelli, Beretta and similar. Also used for mounting grenade lanterns. Installation in the coverage of the barrel (for attaching the extension) or in the rifle scope store (for the flashlight), fixing screw hex. The clamp is made of steel, coating – oxidizing. Weight 0.3 kg. Warranty 12 months. Manufacturer LLC "Taktika-Tula", Tula, Russia.

  • Remote node enable lights FO-4M FD-2M-1W
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 10 USD

    The enclosing node FO-4M FD-2M-1W is used for remote control of the weapons of light production "EST" FO-4M FD-2M-1W. Installed on a regular place the connection in the end of the flashlight. The surface of the buttons with a brushed coating for mounting on contact strip. The producer of "Electronic machinery", Tula, Russia.