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Accessories for night vision devices

  • Universal photoadapter
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 20 USD

    Universal photoadapter intended for the joint use of optical observation devices (telescope, microscope, monocular, binoculars or telescope) with compact digital cameras.
    - Maximum permissible length of the lens50 mm;
    - Diameter of the eyepiece is 25 to 45 mm;
    - Maximum load — 2 kg;
    - Tripod mounting, outer diameter is 1/4 inch.

  • Case No.1 for night vision goggles
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 8 USD

    Storage case night vision goggles and other devices made of thick polyester, securely closed with the lightning lock. A dense filler, which gives additional rigidity, helps to create optimal conditions for storage and transport of expensive optics and a strap with adjustable length and loops for a waist belt add extra comfort when carrying. Internal free partition to separate parts of the equipment.

    Dimensions 20х14х15 see

  • Adapter Sturman AnyPhone
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 16 USD

    Adapter Sturman AnyPhone for smartphone to optical observation devices:
    - Phone width 54 mm (2,12”) - 94 mm (3,7”);
    - Eyepiece diameter is 26.4 mm (1,04”) – 46,4 mm (1,827”).
    Not installed at the observation optics with a soft, non-adjustable eyecups.

  • The mask of "DIPOLE"
    8 400 RUB
    Last price

    Not available

    Helmet-mask Dipole for quick, easy and optimal fixation of devices of night vision the Dipole on the head in relation to eyes.
    Helmet-mask Dipole can be used with the following night vision devices, Dipol: D203, D206, D209, D215, D2MV-SL.

  • 11 500 RUB
    Last price

    Not available

    Helmet mask will help to quickly and securely attach the DIPOLE 128 on the head of the observer at the level of the selected eyes, not allowing the device to shift even during active movement.