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KENKO binoculars Artos

Series of binoculars from the Japanese company KENKO classic design in a rubber housing on the basis of the optical scheme Porro prisms. This series features affordable price, modern finish with a soft polymer (obrezannaya) and consistently high qualities. KENKO binoculars Artos produced in the Philippine factory of the company. Wonder how companies manage to provide such high quality at such a low price. According to our rich experience in sales of products KENKO Artos, there was just a great statistic! Marriage is completely absent! As for the more expensive devices KENKO! The price is quite competitive even with Chinese fakes products and noname, to fill up the Chinese market through the Internet shops. Partly so pleasant for the consumer price is explained by our supply chain, which consists of only one link factory-distributor and excludes all intermediaries which generally may be excluded in trade.