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Thermal imaging devices

  • Thermal imaging binoculars with rangefinder c DIPOLE TG-1R (50)
    399 000 RUB
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    - Matrix: Frequency 50Hz, resolution 384х288, 17 microns.
    Lens F50/1.0
    - Detection distance – 1200 metres.
    - Magnification 3.5 x magnification + digital zoom 2 times and 4 times.
    - Field of view (zoomed to 3.5*), grad. WxH – 7,5x5,6
    - Built-in laser rangefinder with a display in sight.
    - Distance measurement rangefinder 600 meters.
    Calibration automatic, noiseless, without "fading".
    - Manual gain control of the sensor.
    - Video output.
    - The OLED display of 800x600
    - Inversion of image: Hot white / Hot black
    - Possibility of connecting an external power supply.

  • Thermal imaging goggles DIPOL TG-22
    370 000 RUB
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    Not available

    Thermal imaging goggles DIPOL TG-22-is a unique development of SPF "Dipol", the size of a regular points night generation 2+ or 3 managed to make thermal imaging goggles. Glasses are designed for observation over mobile and motionless objects in various lighting conditions and visibility (fog,dust, etc). Increase 1*, matrix resolution 384х288, matrix type uncooled. The calibration matrix is fully automatic without "blind" and manual settings, lens F19, the frame rate of 50 Hz, digital zoom 1*,2*,4*, inversion of the palette - bright blue/white, power 9V/CR123x3, the range of detection of the object 500 meters, weight 0,55 kg.