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Accessories for binoculars

  • Adapter multiphone
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 13 USD

    Adapter multiphone rigidly fixes the camera lens of the smartphone in front of the eyepiece of the binoculars, telescope or spotting scope. For photo/video.
    - The width of the phone — 55-94 mm
    - Diameter of the eyepiece of the instrument is about 1.25" (31.75 mm +/-5mm).

  • Adapter Sturman AnyPhone
    1 000 RUB
    Last price

    Not available

    Adapter Sturman AnyPhone for smartphone to optical observation devices:
    - Phone width 54 mm (2,12”) - 94 mm (3,7”);
    - Eyepiece diameter is 26.4 mm (1,04”) – 46,4 mm (1,827”).
    Not installed at the observation optics with a soft, non-adjustable eyecups.

  • Manfrotto MC1990A Pico Clamp (Black)
    2 250 RUB
    Last price

    Not available
    Manfrotto MC1990A Pico Clamp (Black) for mounting some kinde of binoculars or any other piece of low-weight gear to tripods comes equipped with standard 1/4'' or 3/8'' attachments