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Accessories optical sights

  • CASE No.6 for rifle scope/flashlight/monocular
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 5 USD

    Storage case sights, lights or monoculars is made of thick polyester, securely closed with the lightning lock. A dense filler, which gives additional rigidity, helps to create optimal conditions for storage and transport of expensive optics.

    Dimensions 20х6х7 see

  • Diode 1.5 V POSP red
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 8 USD

    Led illumination of a reticle of the POSP scopes, red

  • Mount rail  POSP / saiga, Vepr
    ✔ In stock
    Approx. 27 USD

    Mount rail POSP / saiga, Vepr applies if you need to replace the side mounts for optical sights of series POSP, PSO, (refinery), for mounting on hunting carbines saiga, Vepr" of various modifications, AK. The mount is equipped with a lock for quick installation/removal. Installs on regular weapons base "dovetail" with a width of 14.5 mm. Mounting made of zinc alloy with a black matte finish. Weight 0.2 kg. Guarantee 12 months. Manufacturer JSC "Zenit-BelOMO", Minsk, Belarus.

  • Mount rail  POSP / Tiger
    1 850 RUB
    Last price

    Not available

    Mount rail POSP / Tiger is designed to replace the mounts optical sights POSP, PSO AK (carbines "saiga", "Vepr") for installation on a carbine "the Tiger" all modifications of SVD. Mounting arms dovetail. Mount for optics – threaded. Dimensions 98х33х18 mm. Weight 0,13 kg 12 month Warranty. Manufacturer JSC "Zenit-BelOMO", Minsk, Belarus.