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Here you can buy original Russian binoculars to private and legal individuals with delivery from Moscow.

Types of binoculars - which is better to buy.

Binoculars — an optical device for viewing distant objects with two eyes.
Binoculars can be divided according to the used type of prisms: Porro and Roof.

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  • Sturman 8x21 binoculars silver
    1 102 RUB
    Last price

    Not available

    Compact binoculars 8x21 Sturman (silver) for daily observations
    - Magnification 8x, diameter of lens 21 mm
    - The field of view of 7.2° (125 m/1000m), exit pupil distance: 14 mm
    - Roof prism glass Bk-7
    Lenses with anti-reflective coating
    The Central focus at a distance of 2 m
    - Aluminum rubberized casing of the type "Open Hinge", color - silver metallic, soft eyecups zamorachivayas
    - Comes with neck strap and case

  • Binoculars Sturman 7x18 Free Focus
    1 102 RUB
    Last price

    Not available

    Lightweight and compact binoculars Sturman 7x18 Free Focus to everyday observations:
    - Increase 7x, diameter of lens - 18 mm
    - Field of view is 7.3 degrees (128 m/1000m), exit pupil diameter - 10 mm
    - Prism Roof
    - Fully multicoated lenses and prisms
    Is focusing Focus free
    - Housing made of impact resistant plastic with a rubber / paint coating (optional)
    - Comes complete with neck strap and case