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Adapter multiphone

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The main purpose of the adapter multiphone

Now for the telephoto wildlife you can use not only digital cameras, but also a powerful camera mobile devices. For this you need to mount your smartphone (on any platform Android, Windows Phone or iOS, etc.) in the eyepiece projection, binoculars, telescope or telescope with a special adapter.

Using adapter multiphone you will be able to take stunning pictures of wildlife, distant objects: for example the moon.

Design features of the adapter multiphone

  • The width of the phone 55-94 mm
  • The eyepiece diameter is about 1.25" (31.75 mm +/-5mm)

Multiphone adapter provides rigid fixation of the camera lens in front of the eyepiece of the observation device (telescope). The eyepiece should have a diameter of 1.25". With the help of a programs installed in the phone, you can change the magnification and the image resolution and adjust other parameters to achieve the best high quality photos of lunar craters, Saturn's rings or the giant Jupiter.

In the daytime, setting the phone on the binoculars you can get pictures of landscapes and wildlife. Night with a telescope You can get pictures of the lunar landscape or the planets of the Solar system. While photos can be shared with friends via email or post to social networks and also broadcast images in real time using special software. Any additional information You can contact the experts of our online store, by calling (495) 989-10-56.

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