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Night vision binocular with rangefinder D521R

Internal code: 7184
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Out of stock

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The purpose of the binocular night vision D521R

Night vision binocular gen 2+ with built-in rangefinder D521R designed to detect and monitor objects in low light conditions. Qualitative high aperture optics and integral laser rangefinder, readout in sight, can detect and measure the distance to an object at a distance up to 700 meters.

Basic characteristics of binocular night vision D521R

  • Lens F110/1.5
  • Magnification, ratio – 4
  • Generation EOP – 2+
  • Built-in laser distance meter with measurement distance of 700 metres.
  • The indication of the measurement result of the distance in sight.
  • Protection against accidental activation under high light conditions.
  • IR illuminator 805 nm 40MW.
  • The lock lights.
  • Display to illuminate the field of view.
  • Durable sealed housing made of engineering plastic.
  • Focus distance 10m ... ∞
  • Adjustment of interpupillary distance of the eyepieces
  • Button briefly to turn it on
  • Indication of battery discharge level.
  • Socket for extra light.

Design features of binocular night vision D521R

Binoculars night vision D521R made in lightweight durable housing made of engineering plastic and capable to withstand significant mechanical loads. The electron-optical Converter, generation 2+, combined with special high-aperture optics enable you to detect and track objects the size of a human adult at a distance of 700 metres. Integrated with the housing of the binoculars laser rangefinder at the observation time to measure the distance to an object up to 700 meters with an accuracy of +/- 1 meter. The measurement results are displayed on the screen of electronic-optical Converter into the field of view. Control button located on top of the rangefinder on the body of the device is convenient for manipulation by the fingers of the right hand. Using the rangefinder:

First, briefly (1-2 seconds) by clicking on the rangefinder is activated and the field of view is marked with a rangefinder.

- Aligning the label to the object of interest, repeated short push of the button the distance to be measured. The result is displayed in the field of view of binoculars.

A fast lens with a focal length of 110mm provides a 4 × optical zoom. Focus lens allows you to adjust the sharpness of objects at a distance from 10 meters and beyond. The lens is covered against damages cap coupled with the housing to prevent loss. In the working position the cover is shifted to one side and tight to the body of the binoculars.

Eyepieces binocular night vision D521R equipped with soft rubber eyecups and are moved apart in the interpupillary distance from 58 to 72 mm eyepieces adjustment is made by rotation of wide rings with knurling within +/- 4 diopters.

Powered binoculars night vision D521R is made from two common batteries size AA 1.5 V battery Cover fixed to the housing of the binoculars to avoid accidentally lost. Handle the inclusion of the binoculars has a lock against accidental activation of the IR illuminator. By turning the handle on a single click switches the binoculars. To activate the IR illuminator turn the knob one click, the pre-pulling it from the body of the binoculars.

On the left side on the body of the binoculars is briey illuminate. When you press the button the light comes on, once you release the button it goes out. Thus, it decreases the likelihood of unmasking of the observer.

At the base of the lens is the window of the photocell, not allowing you to accidentally turn the device in conditions of high illumination. If, however, there is a need to turn the device on in daylight or in lit rooms (a must with a closed lens cap!), blocking can be disabled by closing the window of the photocell with a rubber blade attached to the body.

In the middle part of the housing of the night vision binocular D521R the socket is located for extra powerful led or laser IR illuminator, produced by SPF "Dipol" in order to increase the viewing distance in extremely low light.

Supplied with the binocular night vision D521R

  • Binoculars night vision D521R
  • Carrying bag
  • Passport

Technical characteristics of the binocular night vision D521R


D 521R

Generation of the TUBE


Lens, focal length, mm relative aperture

F110/1.5 a

Optical zoom, ratio


The angle of sight, grad.


Limit of focusing, m

10 ... ∞

Diopter adjustment, DPTR

± 4

Interpupillary distance, mm

58 72 ...

Sun held IR illuminator, type / wavelength nm./ capacity MW

Diode / 805 / 40

Voltage, batteries

3V, 2xAAA

The operating time without IR illuminator, h


The operating temperature range, deg.

-20 ... +50

Detection range, m, object 0,5x1,8m, illumination 3x10-3 Suite




Dimensions, mm.


Weight, kg.


Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Field of view (deg)
Field of view (m/1000m)
9.5 — —
Close focus (m)
The maximum range of measurement, m
On the lens
Case material
Dot size (MOA)
Laser rangefinder
Country of origin
Dimensions (mm)
257 × 144 × 81
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
280 × 160 × 105
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Operating temperature, °C
-20 — 50
Interpupillary distance, mm
58 — 72