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NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL(3,5* Laser)

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The main purpose of NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser)

The NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser) is a line of night vision binoculars firm "Dipol". Its main purpose is to provide quality surveillance in low light conditions and in complete darkness, help to detect and recognize moving and fixed objects at considerable distances from the observer.

Design features of the NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser)

Developed on the basis of IIT generation 1, night vision binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser) reliable and easy to operate. The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic, providing protection from mechanical damage and adverse environmental impact. Special rubber pads prevent sliding and allow you to keep the binoculars in his hands under any circumstances.

For the comfort of the NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser) under low illumination or complete darkness, You will need additional lighting. This model is equipped with IR laser illuminator with adjustable size of the light spot. To increase the range of detection and recognition, you can install one infrared illuminator (laser or diode) to a special slot on the body of NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser).

The device comes with a built-in automatic electronic protection from exposure to bright light. Convenient push button control makes it the right time to turn on/off the device and built-in illuminator. Control inclusion is carried out using a light detector.

Basic set of NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser) includes lens with increasing 3.5-fold. Perhaps the use of additional lenses (sold separately) with magnification of 6x and 1x. The combination of lens with a magnification of 1 times, and mask of the helmet gives the ability to use binoculars, night vision goggles.

Optical eyepiece system is configured to base the eye 64 mm, providing a comfortable observation without additional adjustment.

Operating conditions the NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser)

Powered by one AA battery. The continuous operation time of the NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser) when you turn off the IR illuminator is 120 hours. Design features ensure that the device even from practically discharged battery.

Operating temperature range from -20°C to + 50°C.

Read more about optical design and features of operation of NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser) You can learn from the experts of our online store. To do this, call by phone (495) 989-10-56

Technical characteristics of the NV binoculars DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser)

Technical data

DIPOL 212 SL (3,5* Laser)

Focusdirection of the lens, mm



Magnification, times



Angular Polesine, hail



Close Focus, m



Generation of EOP


Diazodiketones settings of eyepieces, DPTR

-4 to +4

Interpupillary distance, mm



A 1.5 AA

Operating time (without IR/with IR), hour


Functional Temperature


Delectability object of type "boar", illumination 3x10-3LK, m



Overall dimensions, mm



Unit weight, kg


Of 1.09

Manufacturer's warranty (years)
analog, gen. 1
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
225 × 180 × 85
Gross weight 1 (kg)