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Binoculars Sturman 10-40x28 with variable magnification

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The main purpose of binoculars Sturman 10-40x28

Binoculars Sturman 10-40x28 binoculars refers to the variable (adjustable) frequency rate, is designed to monitor moving objects or objects that are at different distances from the observer. The observer can stay in one place.

The main characteristics of binoculars Sturman 10-40x28

  • Magnification range from 10x to 40x, aperture and 28 mm, Porro prism
  • Central focusing and diopter correction
  • Housing made of high impact plastic, paint (the color is "silver metallic"), rubber eyecups
  • Mounted on a tripod (tripod socket ¼ inch) with the adapter (included in scope of delivery)
  • Comes complete with protective covers lenses and eyepieces, tripod adapter, neck strap and storage case

Design features of binoculars Sturman 10-40x28

Binoculars Sturman 10-40x28 (or Zoom-binoculars) allows you to select the desired magnification (in the range from 10x to 40x) depending on the distance of the location of the object or its trajectory. There is no need to move from place to place – just change the magnification of Your binoculars by using a ground mechanism and keep enjoying the picture. This model provides the best picture quality when viewed in bright Sunny weather.

To customize the binoculars should focus with Central focusing mechanism, and perform diopter adjustment of the right eyepiece. Re-focus image must be implemented after each change of magnification (zoom).

The body of the binoculars Sturman 10-40x28 made of lightweight and impact-resistant plastic, painted in color "metallic silver". The use of a classic optical system Porro prism helps to surround and contrast with minimum loss of light to enhance the brightness and contrast of images on the lens surface applied multi-layer coating.

For ease of observation and eliminate the effects of hand-shake on the image quality of the binoculars can be mounted on a tripod (diameter mounting ¼ inches) using a special adapter (included in scope of delivery).

Equipment binoculars Sturman 10-40x28

Comes complete with protective covers lenses and eyepieces, tripod adapter, strap and storage case. Tripod available separately.

Experts of our online store will provide the most complete information about the main characteristics and design features of the binoculars Sturman 10-40x28. Post your question on the website or call us at (495) 989-10-56.

Technical characteristics of the binoculars Sturman 10-40x28

Technical data

Sturman 10-40x28



Magnification, times

10 - 40

Effective Lens Diameter, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm

2,8 – 0,7

The removal of exit pupil, mm


Relative brightness

7,84 – 0,49

Field of View, deg

3 and 1.4

Apparent field of view, deg

30 - 56

Field of View at 1000m, m

52,4 – 24,4

The solution, "


Functional Temperature

-10C TO+45C

Tripod socket, ¼ “

Yes (adapter included)

Unit weight, kg


Overall dimensions, mm

58 x 109 x 112

Country of Origin


Lens diameter (mm)
10 — 40
Field of view (deg)
1.4 — 3
Field of view (m/1000m)
24.4 — 52.4
Exit pupil diameter (mm)
0.7 — 2.8
Close focus (m)
Optical designs
Porro prism
Case material
The coverage of the case
Tripod socket 1/4"
Tripod Adapter
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
56 × 109 × 112
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
78 × 140 × 140
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)