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Sturman binoculars 10x50 FF with reticle

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The main purpose of the Sturman binoculars 10x50 FF with range finding reticles

Binoculars 10x50 FF Sturman with range finding reticles with a free focus requires no focus, and all objects further 20 will be quite dramatic and easily observed, that is in focus. The binocular also has no diopter adjustment, all implemented according to the scheme "brought to the eyes and look," maximum ease of use, minimum time of observation.

On complex mixed mesh can delineate the approximate distance to the selected object with known dimensions. Mesh consists of 2 parts - a cross scale with graduations in milliradian, that is, thousandths of the distance is the angular mesh. And horizontal distance measuring scale for a 2 meter vertical objects. She graduated in hundreds of meters. That is, if the object height of about 2 meters (deer, car, jeep, door, etc.) certainly falls under the mark with the number 4, it means that it is about 400 meters.
The grid is equipped with a backlight for dusk brightness adjustment (15 levels) and change color - yellow, red, green. You will be able to minimize the jitter of the picture and greatly increase the comfort and the time of observation, setting the binoculars on a tripod. This requires an inexpensive adapter, which has a special slot in the axis of the binoculars.

The main characteristics of the FF Sturman 10x50 binoculars with range finding reticles

  • Magnification 10x, aperture 50 mm high-aperture lenses
  • Porro prism optical glass K9, lenses with multi-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Rubber-coated housing made of aluminum alloy
  • Azimuth and distance grid (integrated into the left eyepiece) with backlight
  • Adjustment of interpupillary distance (52 – 72 mm), diopter correction
  • Mounted on a tripod (tripod mount thread 1/4 inch)
  • Comes complete with protective covers of eyepieces and lenses, neoprene case for storage and carrying

Design features of the FF Sturman binoculars 10x50 with range finding reticles

Buying binoculars 10x50 Sturman FF rangefinder with setko, You get the opportunity not only to observe but also to carry out the necessary measurements. This model has a built in right eyepiece rangefinder grid, allowing to estimate the distance to objects of known size.

The body of the binoculars is made of aluminum alloy with different ductility and low specific weight. Tubes lenses and a body cover - plastic. Non-slip rubber coating provides extra protection against damage and accidental drops, also provides a secure and comfortable grip.

The system of prisms Porro optical glass K9 allows to obtain three-dimensional and vivid image, and to enhance the brightness and contrast of the visible image on the surface of all lenses coated multilayer antireflection coating.

Binoculars do not require adjustment, the optical scheme is designed for people with normal vision (1), for observation of remote objects at least 20 metres. In Sturman binoculars 10x50 FF grid is adjustable interpupillary distance ranging from mm to mm.

Binoculars 10x50 FF Sturman with range finding reticles mounted on a tripod using the adapter (optional), in combination with a tripod is recommended for long-term observations from one position.

Picking Sturman FF 10x50 binoculars with range finding reticles

Binoculars comes complete with protective covers of eyepieces and lens, original neck strap and black case to store and carry.

Experts of our online store will provide the most complete information about the main characteristics and design features of the binoculars 10x50 FF Sturman with range finding reticles. Post your question on the website or call us at (495) 989-10-56.

Technical characteristics of the binoculars 10x50 FF Sturman with range finding reticles

Technical data

Sturman 10x50 FF with range finding reticles



Type of glass for the manufacture of prisms


Magnification, times


Effective Lens Diameter, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm


The removal of exit pupil, mm


Relative brightness


Field of View, deg


Apparent field of view, deg


Field of View at 1000m, m


Close Focus, m

20 m

The adjustment range of interpupillary distance, mm

57 - 72

The backlight grid

2 1.2 (LR41)

Tripod mounting

is (¼ inch)

Rangefinder mesh


Unit weight, kg


Gemarineerde device, max, mm

172 x 195 x 70

Country of Origin


Lens diameter (mm)
Field of view (deg)
Field of view (m/1000m)
Exit pupil diameter (mm)
Eye Relief (mm)
Close focus (m)
Free focus
Optical designs
Porro prism
Case material
aluminum alloy, plastic
The coverage of the case
Illumination of a grid
Range finding reticle
Tripod socket 1/4"
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
172 × 195 × 70
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
210 × 195 × 71
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)