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Sturman binoculars 8-24x50

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The main purpose of the Sturman binoculars 8-24x50

Pancratic binoculars Sturman 8-24x50 (with variable magnification) gives the observer an excellent opportunity to choose the necessary increase depending on the purposes, conditions and range of observation. The ground mechanism for the change of magnification provides the same magnification in each of the optical channels.

This model can be used for ground-based observations (e.g., tracking game for hunting, a General overview of the area, wildlife viewing) or for Amateur astronomical observations (the study of deep space objects at low magnifications).

The main characteristics of the Sturman binoculars 8-24x50

  • Rubber-coated housing made of aluminum alloy, zamorachivayas rubber eyecups
  • Magnification range from 8x to 24x, high-aperture lenses, prisms, and Porro lenses with anti-reflective coating
  • Adjustment interpupillary distance Central focusing
  • Tripod mounting (diameter tripod socket ¼ inch) with adapter (adapter and tripod sold separately)
  • Comes complete with a case for storage and carrying, protective covers lenses and eyepieces, a wide shoulder strap

Design features Sturman binoculars 8-24x50

The body of the binoculars Sturman 8-24x50 fully rubberized and is made of durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, resistant to corrosion and deformation. Zamorachivayas the eyecups of soft rubber securely fix the position of the eye relative to the eye lens, cutting off stray illumination and easy positioning.

The classical relay system based on Porro prisms, and lenses with anti-reflective coating provide high-contrast, clear and bright image without distortion of color. For observations in poor visibility conditions or with a low level of natural light (as at dawn or in the fading light) it is recommended to choose small increase of the available range, as the visible image with small increases will be more vivid.

To customize the binoculars need to be adjusted to the interpupillary distance, the initial focus binoculars and the right diopter correction eyepiece. With the change of ratio should be refocusing.

During long-term stationary observations, it is recommended to set the binocular Sturman 8-24x50 on a tripod using a special adapter (adapter and tripod sold separately).

Picking Sturman binoculars 8-24x50

Comes complete with a case for storage and carrying, protective covers lenses and eyepieces, a wide shoulder strap. Tripod and tripod adapter sold separately.

Experts of our online store will provide the most complete information about the main characteristics and design features of the binoculars Sturman 8-24x50. Post your question on the website or call us at (495) 989-10-56

Technical characteristics of the Sturman binoculars 8-24x50

Technical data

Sturman 8-24x50



Magnification, times

8 – 24

Effective Lens Diameter, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm

A 6.3 – 2,1

The removal of exit pupil, mm


Relative brightness

39,7 – 4,4

Field of View, deg


Apparent field of view, deg

Field of View at 1000m, m


Close Focus, m


Functional Temperature

-10C TO+45C

Tripod socket 1/4"


Unit weight, kg


Overall dimensions, mm

182 x 200

Country of Origin


Lens diameter (mm)
8 — 24
Field of view (deg)
2.2 — 4
Field of view (m/1000m)
36.3 — 70
Exit pupil diameter (mm)
2.1 — 6.3
Eye Relief (mm)
Close focus (m)
Optical designs
Porro prism
Case material
aluminum alloy
The coverage of the case
Tripod socket 1/4"
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
182 × 200 × 65
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
205 × 217 × 80
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)