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The muzzle attachment to the muzzle the NIGHT-SKS

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The main purpose of DTK flash suppressor "Night" for SCS/FORT-207 (Tactics-Tula)

DTK (muzzle brake-compensator) with flash Hider "Night" for SCS/FORT-207 (Tactics-Tula) is designed for rifles, SKS, OP-SKS-SKS, TOZ-97 (cal. 7. 62x39), FORT-207 and has a dual use. If only DTK increases the stability of the weapon during firing due to the distribution and exhaust gases. Significantly reduced recoil and pull the trunk up-right. The outputs of the cameras DTK is directed to the side. It is necessary to remove the danger of temporary blindness from the flash arrow at the exit of the powder gases, which is very often the case when using optics or aiming through open sights.

In the "night", that is, with screwed cover, flash Hider almost completely extinguishes flame and diverts powder gases forward in the direction of the shot. In this mode, the product is extremely effective in twilight and even at night as it allows you to use night scopes without the danger of damaging the highly sensitive matrix Converter. Easy to install and quick removal will allow you at any time to equip your weapon this indispensable fixture.

Features of choke tube "Night" with DTK and flash suppressor for SKS/OP-SKS (Tactics-Tula)

  • Easy installation without the use of tools and improvement of weapons
  • The mount on the barrel ensures alignment with the barrel
  • The arrester successfully suppresses the flash when shooting, so can be used in conjunction with night vision scopes
  • DTK offsets some of the recoil (reactive type), reduces vertical and lateral withdrawal of the barrel of the gun
  • Flash Hider made of steel and has a black oxide coating
  • Cover "Night" - from aircraft aluminum D16T
  • Additional polymer coating in black matte shade
  • Increases the length of the gun to 120 mm

Design features flame "Night" on the SKS

Flame trap "Night" to ACS/TOZ-97 has a number of features that determine its versatility. The product consists of 2 components: the muzzle brake-compensator (DTK) and the housing of the flame arrester. DTK is made of steel, designed for long life in harsh conditions and can be used as a standalone product. It is a 6-chamber muzzle attachment active/reactive type. "Flute" DTK is geometrically correct and calculated the apertures for maximum stabilization of the weapon. In addition, the proper removal of powder gases reduces the danger of dazzling arrow.

The casing is made of aircraft aluminum (alloy D16T marks) and is able to withstand high thermal stress from exhaust gases. Is the flash Hider with the camera afterburner closed. Effective at night and at dusk. Almost completely "quench" the flash from the propellant gases. Gives the ability to use night vision scopes. If you have any questions relating to the performance characteristics of the product, installation on weapon delivery or payment method of the flame-arrester "Night-SKS" – you can call the Manager of our Internet-shop by phone (495) 989-10-56 . You can also leave a request on the website by filling out a convenient form.


This product when dressed casing has a resemblance to PBS (the adaptation for silent shooting). Technically and structurally, the flash Hider has nothing to do with these devices and manufactured in full compliance with the norms of the Federal law "On weapons"

When mounted casing is prohibited shooting bursts!

The installation sequence

  1. Unload the rifle, remove the magazine and ensure that no cartridge in the chamber
  2. To deliver the weapon to the fuse and check again, whether the weapon is discharged
  3. In the presence of the choke tube to dismantle it
  4. Install the adapter to the barrel by lightly tapping
  5. Fix the adapter with coupler
  6. DTK screw to lock screw
  7. Install the retaining bolt
  8. Screw the casing of the flame arrester to stop
  9. Tighten the fixing screw casing
  10. Be SURE to check the alignment of the barrel and flash suppressor. If incorrect operation of weapons is prohibited!

Package includes:

  • Flash suppressor – 1 PC.
  • Additional cover "Night" - 1 PC.
  • The adapter on the barrel – 1 EA.
  • Crimp coupling – 1 PCs
  • Allen key – 1 PC.
  • Packaging-the tube

Technical features of choke tube "Night" with DTK and flash suppressor for SKS (Tactics-Tula)

Technical data

Muzzle attachment "Night" with DTK and flash suppressor for SKS

Fastening on the weapon

Removable: on the barrel, mount a clutch

Type of flame arrester

Open/closed type

Type muzzle brake compensator

Jet type

Additional equipment

The casing of the flame arrester "Night"

Designed for weapons

SKS, OP-SKS-SKS, TO3-97 "Argali", Fort-207

Physical and operational characteristics


Flash Hider – steel casing – aluminum alloy D16T


Black, matte

DTK dimensions, mm


Dimensions of casing, mm


The diameter of the bullet holes DTK, mm


DTK mass, kg


Casing weight, kg



LLC "Taktika-Tula", Tula, Russia

Case material
aluminum alloy, steel
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
215 × 56 × 56
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer