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The muzzle attachment to the muzzle the NIGHT-VPO (VPO-133,136,AK-47)

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The main purpose of DTK flash suppressor "Night" for AK/Vepr (Tactics-Tula)

DTK (muzzle brake-compensator) with flash Hider "Night" for AK/Vepr (Tactics-Tula) is a muzzle attachment and is designed for installation in a modification of the Kalashnikov (AK47, AK74, AKM, AKS), their hunting variations, VPO-133/-136 and similar weapons. The product is suited to the trunk with thread М14х1 (lion) under caliber 7,62x39 mm. With the steel DTK ("Day") significantly improves the stabilization of the weapon when firing, reduced returns and takes the weapon (in both planes). It also reduces the brightness of the flash for arrow due to the exhaust gases.

Additional cover is flame-the afterburner closed type ensures almost complete combustion of the powder gases than reduces flash to a minimum. This reduces the likelihood of unmasking the arrow, and it is possible to use DTK flash suppressor while hunting at night using night vision devices (night vision scopes). For additional questions about purpose, setting, characteristics, order and buy flash Hider "NIGHT-VPO" (VPO-133,136,AK-47) - call the experts of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. All questions can be asked directly on the site, it is enough to fill a small and convenient form.

Features of choke tube "Night" with DTK and flash Hider for AK/Vepr (Tactics-Tula)

  • The possibility of mounting a variety of weapons (AK-47, AK-74, AKM, AKS, Vepr, Vepr-KM)
  • Installation on regular thread without the use of adapters or special tools
  • Tuning weapons in the style of "military"
  • DTK 6 cameras, material – steel, oxide coated
  • The flame arrester with the chamber of the closed type, made of aircraft aluminum; coating: chemical oxidation
  • Additional polymer cover, matte anti-glare protective coating
  • Offsets some of the recoil, reduces the tilt of the barrel of the gun when firing, the flash from the propellant gases
  • Can be used in conjunction with night vision when shooting in twilight and at night

Design features flame "Night" on the AK/AKM/Vepr-K/Vepr-KM

Flame trap "Night" on the AK/AKM/Vepr-K/Vepr-KM is installed on a standard thread arms without any adaptors, which significantly improves the reliability, durability and safety of the product. Steel muzzle brake compensator (MBC) is screwed in place of the conventional nozzle on the gun (threaded 14x1. 0 mm-L). It has 6 chambers with baffles and holes for the distribution and exhaust gases. Designed for maximum use of propellant gases to stabilize the barrel and recoil compensation.

When you need maximum concealment, as well as when using night optics, equipped with electronic-optical Converter (EOC) with the sensing matrix, used casing that screws onto the DTK, It's secondary camera is gated, providing suppression of flare (option NIGHT). The casing is made of aircraft aluminum (alloy D16T marks) and is able to withstand high thermal stress from exhaust gases. However, even in the maximum configuration weight is not very big, the weapons are not outweighed by not losing the balance and will cause discomfort when using.

IMPORTANT! When mounted casing the shooting prohibited!

The sequence of installation on the gun

  1. Unload the rifle, remove the magazine and ensure that no cartridge in the chamber
  2. To put weapons on the fuse, again make sure the rifle is unloaded
  3. In the presence of the choke tube to dismantle it (undoing the nut or "whistle" at the muzzle)
  4. Screw "the flute" DTK on the barrel to the spring loaded stops (note that the thread on the left)
  5. To fix the focus
  6. Be SURE to check the alignment of the barrel and DTK. If deviations of alignment operation of weapons is prohibited!
  7. Screw the casing of the flame arrester to the external thread DTK until it stops. Fix it with Allen screws (wrench included)
  8. Install the camera cover of the afterburner.

Important information!

This product when dressed casing has a resemblance to PBS (the adaptation for silent shooting). Technically and structurally, the flash Hider has nothing to do with these devices and manufactured in full compliance with the norms of the Federal law "On weapons"

Package includes:

  • Flash suppressor – 1 PC.
  • Additional cover "Night" - 1 PC.
  • Case cover – 1 piece
  • Packaging-the tube

Technical features of choke tube "Night" with DTK and flash Hider for AK/Vepr (Tactics-Tula)

Technical data

Muzzle attachment "Night" with DTK and flash Hider for AK/Vepr

Fastening on the weapon

Removable: cut the barrel, thread 14x1 lion.

Type of flame arrester

Open/closed type

Type muzzle brake compensator

Active/reactive (6 cameras)

Additional equipment

The casing of the flame arrester "Night"

Designed for weapons

AK-47, AK-74, AKM, AKS, Vepr, Vepr-KM and similar

Physical and operational characteristics


Flash Hider – steel casing – aluminum alloy D16T


Black, matte

Assembled dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



LLC "Taktika-Tula", Tula, Russia

Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
218 × 57 × 57
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer