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Muzzle Brake for SAIGA 410 (SVD)

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The main purpose of a flame arrester "SVD" for saiga 410 (Tactics-Tula)

Flame trap "SVD" for saiga 410 (Tactics-Tula) appearance to be similar to the nozzle on the SVD and when installed on a weapon gives the weapon the appearance of this legendary sniper rifle. This product is used for mounting any modification of the hunting carbine "saiga", produced under the cartridge .410х76 mm R (saiga 410, saiga-410С saiga-410К and so on). The mount is in place of the regular nozzle on the barrel of the gun on the thread М15х0,75 L (Lev.). Is used to reduce flash at the exit of the powder gases from the barrel. The camera is gated to effectively zajigaet the powder gases through the gap in the output side of the line of fire. Provides the required secrecy of the shot and protects the shooter's eye from short-term blindness, especially at dusk.

The flash Hider saiga SVD 410-005 made from structural steel, designed for long life – can withstand high heat and shock loading, which prevents the loosening of threads due to temperature or vibration. For protection against chemical action of powder gases and grease on all surfaces caused blueing, a chemical oxidation method. You have questions on application, installation methods, and the ordering, purchase or delivery of the flash suppressor saiga 410 (SVD) – contact the experts of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. All questions can be set online on the website and also leave or view reviews on this product.

Attention! Be sure to check the alignment of the bullet holes choke tube and the barrel – in the event the exploitation is PROHIBITED!

Package includes:

  • Flash Hider for saiga 410 – 1 PC.
  • Rozhkova key – 1 PC.
  • Packaging

Technical features of choke tube "SVD" flash suppressor for "saiga 410" (Tactics-Tula)

Technical data

Muzzle attachment "SVD" flash suppressor for "saiga 410-005"

Fastening on the weapon

Detachable: barrel, threaded connection М15х0,75L

Type of flame arrester

Closed type

Designed for weapons

"Saiga 410"/Spanish 01/Spanish 02, "saiga-410С", "saiga-410К"

Physical and operational characteristics


Steel, chemical oxidation


Black, matte

Assembled dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



LLC "Taktika-Tula", Tula, Russia

Case material
The coverage of the case
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
95 × 2 × 4
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
113 × 70 × 40
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer