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Muzzle Brake compensator ilina GK-02 for Saiga-12/Vepr-12 (12 gauge)

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Out of stock

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The main purpose of DTK ilina GK-02 (v.2) -12 for saiga/Vepr-12

DTK ilina GK-02 (v.2) -12 for saiga/Vepr-12 (Red Heath) – is the successor to the proven and arrow choke tube Russian inventor Vsevolod Ilyin - GK-02. The design included significant improvements that have improved efficiency and reliability of the product. Mount steel threaded sleeve further reinforced special heat-resistant sealant. In addition, the geometry and position of the walls of the chambers slightly modified. Applied more effective projectile chamber taking into account the dynamics of the emerging powder gases. On all surfaces of the product (including locking nut) covered with the protective plating.

DTK ilina GK-02 (v.2) well offsets a significant portion of the recoil, and minimizes the tilt of the trunk to the right and jump up. Thanks to this weapon stabiliziruemost and becomes more manageable. DTK will perfectly show itself at the tempo of firing, when important is the fastest possible transfer of weapons to a new target. Have questions about the appointment, mount weapons, technical and operational characteristics, the purchase and delivery of DTK ilina GK-v 02.2 (Red Heat) – contact the experts of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56 . In the item card there is a special tab where you can read or leave reviews about the product.

Attention! Be sure to check the alignment of the bullet holes choke tube and the barrel – in the event the exploitation is PROHIBITED!

Package includes:

  • DTK ilina GK-02 (v.2)
  • Packaging

Specifications DTK ilina GK-v 02.2 for JUICE-12/ VPO-205 (Red Heat)

Technical data

Muzzle attachment DTK ilina GK-v 02.2 for JUICE-12/ VPO-205 (Red Heat)

Fastening on the weapon

Removable: thread М22х0,75mm lion

Type DTK

Active-reactive type

The number of cameras


Designed for weapons

JUICE-12 (saiga-12), GP-205 (Vepr-12), Snipe (with adapter)

Physical and operational characteristics


Duralumin alloy D16T, bushing – steel, plating


Black, matte

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



RED GROUP LLC, Moscow, Russia

Case material
aluminum alloy
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
35 × 133 × 40
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
135 × 50 × 38
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)