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Lantern FOS-4-M led

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Out of stock

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The main purpose of tactical rifle flashlight FO-4-M

FO-4-M - powerful gun flashlight type, which can be used as a grenade and tactical. The lamp is mounted on almost any weapon with the help of special brackets (to be ordered separately). To order the appropriate mount for your type of weapons you can in one of the sections of our shop "the Brackets and mounts for grenade lanterns".

Gun lantern issued by the company NPF "EST", Tula, Russia. Luminous flux, which produces light, approximately 200 lumens. Optical module made in the form of a monolithic block that holds the shock load in the shots. The lantern provides not only a powerful focused light beam, which allows the shooter to see targets at a distance up to 150 meters, but the side scattered radiation, for a better orientation in space and exploring the surrounding area.

The main characteristics of weapons-lantern FOS-4-M

  • The visibility of the target to 150 m.
  • Luminous flux of at least 200 LM.
  • Working life to failure - not less than 20 000 hours.
  • Remote node inclusion.
  • Supply voltage - 3.6 Volts (battery is included)
  • Two modes of operation (intensive/gentle)
  • Continuous working time on full charge heavy duty - 1 hour in economy mode - 10 hours.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -25 to + 40°C.
  • Covered size Ø25,4mm
  • Dimensions 34х153 mm.
  • 1 year warranty.

The design features a barrel-attached tactical flashlight FO-4-M

Among the design features of weapons-lantern FOS-4-M you can highlight its excellent performance and good security. To use the backlight at any time of the year, in spite of the presence of precipitation in the form of rain or snow. Operating temperature range is from -25°C to + 40°C. supplied with a remote node of inclusion, which with the help of self adhesive tape can be placed in any convenient location of the gun (foregrip / stock). Thus, the shooter during night hunting can control the lights, keeping his carbine out of the line of sight.

As the battery in the gun lantern FOS-4 is rechargeable battery 3.6 V (included). A fully charged battery will last for 1 hour continuous use in an intensive mode. It should also be noted that the flashlight has a gentle mode of use in which you will be able to use the backlight for 10 hours. The optical module of the lantern FOS-4 is protected by a sturdy mineral glass that can withstand severe operating conditions.

Gun flashlight designed for a long service life. Service life is not less than 20 000 hours. If you have any questions regarding the purchase, delivery, installation gun light "FO-4-M", you can call the Manager of our Internet-shop by phone (495) 989-10-56 . You can also ask a question directly on the website, fill out the short form on the special tab and we will get back to you.

Package includes:

  • Flashlight gun FO-4M
  • The remote host enable
  • Lace
  • The pouch belt.
  • Mains charger
  • Packing \ carton
  • The passport of the product
  • Warranty card.

Technical specifications under-barrel flashlight FO-4-M

Technical data

Lantern FOS-4-M

The type of lantern


Range, m


Luminous flux, not less than, LM


The life of the lamp, not less than, h

20 000

Physical and operational characteristics

The voltage, V


The type of power sources


Time of continuous operation from fully charged batteries, not less, hour.


Time of continuous operation from a full battery charge in a sparing mode, not less than an hour.


Range of working temperatures, °C

from -25 to +40

Fitting size, inch / mm

1 / Ø25,4

Dimensions, mm





NPF "EST", Tula, Russia

Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
185 × 125 × 53
Gross weight 1 (kg)