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Lantern tactical "bars FS-5" (GREEN)

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The main purpose of tactical rifle flashlight "bars FS-5" (GREEN)

Gun tactical flashlight "bars FS-5" (GREEN) is attached to the weapon and is used for lighting purposes at dusk or at night. The slot in the lamp 1 inch (25.4 mm) is one of the universal dimensions for gun accessories. Optics lamp is configured so that gives a narrow beam of high intensity (beam divergence 2 degrees). The size of the illuminated area at a distance of 50 meters is 1.75 x 1.75 meters. Thanks to the focus and a powerful light source (the luminous flux up to 300 LM), the lamp is able to illuminate objects at a distance up to 400 meters.

Lantern "bars FS-5" (GREEN) can be used not only for permanent lighting, but in tactical mode. Is used for this remote site inclusions (included). It can be mounted in any convenient arrow of a contact ribbon or strap. In this case, the light will be on while the shooter holds the button. This is very useful when it is necessary for a short time to highlight objects on the line of sight, not taking his weapons from the line of fire.

Main features of weapon-light "bars of FS-5" (GREEN)

  • Visibility of objects (m) - 400
  • Color flashlight - green
  • Luminous flux (LM) - not less than 300
  • Adjustable angle of divergence of the beam 2°...15°
  • Is equipped with a remote node enable
  • Battery type CR123 or DL123, the total voltage of 6 Volts
  • 2 modes of operation
  • The duration of the work: when maximum illumination - 3 hours, in economy mode - 12 hours
  • Climatic version UHL - use at temperatures: -30°C ... + 50°C
  • Dimensions Ø38 x 160 mm
  • 12 month warranty.

Design features of tactical under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-5" (GREEN)

The main feature of the under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-5" (GREEN) is that the color of the generated beam of green, which is almost invisible to the overwhelming number of animals, so this lamp is just perfect for night hunting. Mounted led production of "Gree" and narrowly focused optics allows to distinguish objects at the distance up to 400 meters (with clean air). The lantern is fully protected against ingress of moisture and dust. The design of the lamp to withstand shock loads from recoil of any firearm. The casing is made from duralumin, which is not susceptible to corrosion, has high strength and hardness.

The versatility of the tactical flashlight will please you. In continuous lighting can change the dispersion angle of the beam from 2 to 15 degrees, and equally effective lighting as a remote object, and the area near themselves. Using the economy mode (25% of maximum capacity) will increase the operating time on a single charge for up to 12 hours. When using tactical mode on the remote node also included is the ability to choose the intensity (50% and 100%). Have questions on the use, characteristics, payment, purchase weapons flashlight "bars FS-5" (GREEN) – call the managers of our online store on t (495) 989-10-56. In addition, you can also ask your question by simply filling in the short form and we will get back to you.

Package includes:

  • Flashlight gun bars FS-5 (GREEN) – 1 piece
  • Remote node on – 1 piece
  • Tape for fixing the external node – 1 piece
  • Battery CR-123 – 2 PCs
  • Bracket for installation on the gun – 1 piece
  • Packaging \ box – 1 piece
  • Product passport – 1 piece
  • Warranty card – 1 PC

Technical specifications under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-5" (GREEN)

Technical data

Tactical light bars FS-5

The type of lantern


The color of the beam


Range, m


Luminous flux, not less than, LM


The angle of the beam divergence, °


Physical and operational characteristics

The voltage, V


The type of power sources

Battery CR-123

Time of continuous operation from fully charged batteries, not less, hour.


Time of continuous operation from a full battery charge in a sparing mode, not less than an hour.


Range of working temperatures, °C

-30 to +50

Dimensions, mm


Weight (without batteries), kg



NP JSC "bars", Russia

Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
190 × 65 × 53
Gross weight 1 (kg)