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Lantern tactical "bars FS-6" (GREEN)

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The main purpose of tactical rifle flashlight "bars FS-6" (GREEN)

Tactical flashlight "bars FS-6" (GREEN) is a multi-purpose device. It is used as an underbarrel flashlight, which can be installed on any firearm. Included are two universal bracket for installation on carbines, with one barrel. If you have other weapons then the installation is appropriate for a bracket with a seat 1” (25.4 mm). For use in a tactical mode, the lamp is equipped with a remote node enable installed instead of the mechanical switch of the flashlight. The PTT switch is fixed on the arms by contact of the tape or strap (included) so that the shooter could turn on the lamp, not taking his eyes off the goal.

The use of beam green makes an underbarrel flashlight "bars FS-6" (GREEN) the perfect assistant in terms of hunting at night. The visual organs of animals almost do not distinguish between green, and hunter will not give himself light. Bright (for a man) a narrow beam of high intensity (up to 300 LM) allows to illuminate objects at distances up to 600 meters. The density of the beam of light doesn't scatter in the distance (the angle of divergence of beam is 1.5°) is at the distance of 50 meters is formed by a light spot in the form of a square with a side of only 1.5 meters.

Main features of weapon-light "bars FS-6" (GREEN)

  • Color flashlight - green
  • Visibility of objects (m) - 600
  • Luminous flux (LM) - not less than 300
  • Illumination at a distance of 5 meters, Suite – not less than 4400
  • Adjustable angle of divergence of beam is 1.5°...5°
  • Is equipped with a remote node enable
  • Working voltage 6-volt batteries CR123
  • Two modes of operation
  • Working time on full charge: heavy duty - up to 3 hours, gently – up to 8 hours
  • Climatic version UHL (moderate and cold climate) - operating temperature: -30°C ... + 60°C
  • Dimensions Ø59 x 198 mm
  • 12 month warranty.

Design features of tactical under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-6" (GREEN)

Usage tactical flashlight "bars FS-6" (GREEN) led emitter American production "Gree" generating green, as well as focusing lenses allows you to create a narrow beam of high intensity. Thanks to low dissipation, the flashlight can illuminate objects at distances up to 600 meters. The focus is adjustable (the angle of divergence of the beam from 1.5° to 5°), which enables to illuminate large objects nearby or to effectively navigate the terrain in poor visibility conditions.

To install the weapons included are 2 brackets that allows you to securely attach an underbarrel flashlight (landing size 25.4 mm). Full dust and moisture protection, rugged aluminum housing can withstand shock loads induced by impact. There is a choice of modes of light intensity on the lamp and on the remote node inclusion. This saves battery (type CR-123, 2 PCs., supplied) and to increase the continuous working time up to 8 hours. On all questions on the use, characteristics, delivery options or payment Armory light "bars FS-6" (GREEN) you can contact managers of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. On the product page in the "Discussion" also you can ask a question or leave a review.

Package includes:

  • Flashlight gun bars FS-6 (GREEN) – 1 piece
  • Remote node on – 1 piece
  • Bracket for installation on a weapon – 2 PCs
  • Tape for fixing the external node – 1 piece
  • Battery CR-123 – 2 PCs
  • Product passport – 1 piece
  • Warranty card – 1 PC
  • Packaging \ box – 1 piece

Technical specifications under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-6" (GREEN)

Technical data

Tactical light bars FS-6

The type of lantern


The color of the beam


Range, m


Luminous flux, not less than, LM


The angle of the beam divergence, °


Physical and operational characteristics

The voltage, V


The type of power sources

Battery CR-123

Time of continuous operation from fully charged batteries, not less, hour.


Time of continuous operation from a full battery charge in a sparing mode, not less than an hour.


Range of working temperatures, °C

-30 to +60

Dimensions, mm


Weight (without batteries), kg



NP JSC "bars", Russia

Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
205 × 65 × 65
Gross weight 1 (kg)