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Lantern tactical "bars FS-2"

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The main purpose tactical podstvolny lamp bars FS-2

Bars FS-2 is a powerful led flashlight, developed by specialists of CJSC "bars", Moscow, Russia, designed for tactical use and for installation on the gun as a grenade option. The flow of light issued by the lamp is 150 lumens, and using special optical systems allowed us to obtain a narrow beam, forming a small light spot on a solid surface at distances up to 150 meters. In addition, the lens design of the lamp provides the ability to adjust the divergence angle of the luminous flux in the range of 3 to 15 degrees.

Underbarrel tactical light bars FS-2 is the perfect purchase for true connoisseurs of hunting. The ability to mount on virtually any weapon with the help of special brackets (to be ordered separately) greatly expand its scope. Furthermore, in the package there is a remote tactical button switch that allows the operator to enable and disable the flashlight, not looking up from the observations and, respectively, without moving his weapon from the line of sight.

Key features underbarrel tactical light bars FS-2

  • Range of up to 150m.
  • Powerful light output - 150 lumens.
  • The divergence of the focused beam: 3°-15°.
  • Supply voltage - 4.5 Volts
  • Power supply - the elements of type AAA, 3 PCs (included).
  • Time of continuous operation on a full charge 2 hours.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -25 to + 40°C.
  • Fitting size - 27,0 mm.

The design features a barrel-attached tactical flashlight bars FS-2

Design features of the lantern can withstand strong impact during shots from the carbines of any caliber. Rugged housing made of modern aluminum alloy protects the lamp from mechanical influences. A wide range of operating temperatures (from -25 to + 40°C) allows you to use the backlight at any time of the year, in spite of frost, nor the scorching heat. Lens optical unit made of polycarbonate, resistant to temperature and to mechanical influences. Adjustment of the divergence angle by turning the ring on the lens of the lantern.

As the batteries in the under-barrel weapon light bars FS-2 uses lithium batteries AAA - 3pcs. (in the package), but if desired they can be replaced like batteries. Time of continuous operation of the lamp on full battery charge for at least two hours. If you have any questions regarding the purchase, delivery, installation underbarrel tactical light "bars of FS-2", you can call the Manager of our Internet-shop by phone (495) 989-10-56 . You can also ask a question directly on the website, fill out the short form on the special tab and we will get back to you.

Package includes:

  • Underbarrel tactical flashlight FS-2
  • Tactical button of instant inclusion (on the lamp housing)
  • Remote button switch
  • Textile clasp
  • Battery type AAA, 3 PCs.
  • The passport of the product
  • Packing.

Technical specifications under-barrel flashlight bars FS-2

Technical data

Tactical light bars FS-2

The type of lantern


Range, m


Luminous flux, LM


The divergence of the light flux, °


The illuminance on the plane perpendicular to the optical axis of the lamp,
at a distance of 5 meters, Lux


Physical and operational characteristics

The voltage, V


The type of power sources


Continuous operation time from the battery set, not less than, h


Range of working temperatures, °C

from -25 to +40

Dimensions, mm





CJSC "bars", Russia

Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
190 × 65 × 53
Gross weight 1 (kg)