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Lantern tactical"bars FS-3" cu

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The main purpose of tactical rifle flashlight "bars FS-3" with mount

Tactical light bars FS-3 using the bracket can be installed on any rifled or smoothbore firearms. Designed for visual control objects on the line of sight, is particularly effective in low visibility conditions or at night. Through the use of an optical lens is formed by a narrow beam of high density with a divergence angle of not more than 4 degrees. Even at a great distance a ray from the lantern will be perfect to illuminate the target. With clean air, this distance can reach 250 meters.

When connected to a remote node enable a barrel-attached and light "bars of FS-3" can also be used in tactical mode. The presence of such a site much easier to use under-barrel flashlight – the arrow does not need to be distracted from aiming is not looking press the power key and the lamp will illuminate the target. Buttons power on node two: one includes the lantern on full power, second – half brightness. Due to this significantly increases the time it works.

Main features of weapon-light "bars of FS-3"

  • The clarity of objects up to 250 m
  • Luminous flux – 280 LM
  • The angle of divergence of the beam is not more than 4°
  • Is equipped with a remote node enable
  • Input voltage of 6 volts, using rechargeable batteries CR123, DL123 or 18650
  • Several brightness modes
  • The duration of continuous operation: maximum capacity - 2 hours, gently – up to 8 hours
  • Recommended to use at temperature OKR. environment: -25°C ... + 40°C
  • Dimensions Ø39 x 150 mm
  • 12 month warranty.

Design features of tactical under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-3"

As the grenade led light "bars of FS-3" was created specifically for use on firearms, the requirements for strength and reliability is very high. The body is made of aluminum that can easily withstand arising due to the recoil when shooting high vibration loads. This material generally does not corrode, resistant to shock and impact loads. The optical module is closed polycarbonate glass that protects the led from dirt, dust and moisture. The flashlight is made for operation in moderate and cold climate (UHL performance), and able to work effectively at temperatures from -25°C to +40°C and humidity up to 80%.

The lamp has collecting lenses, so that the beam divergence does not exceed 4 degrees, and the illumination range is 250 meters. Equipped with "bars FS-3" with two lithium CR-123 batteries. Continuous work time tactical flashlight heavy duty – up to 3 hours. Built-in switch can reduce power to 25%, in this case, the operating time will increase to 8 hours. If you have any questions regarding operation, warranty, purchase or delivery of under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-3" can be contact our online store on t (495) 989-10-56 or ask your question on the website, fill in a small and convenient form.

Package includes:

  • Gun flashlight led bars FS-3 with mount
  • Battery CR-123 – 2 PCs
  • Bracket for installation on the gun
  • The remote host enable
  • Tape for fixing the remote node
  • Packing \ carton
  • The passport of the product
  • Warranty card.

Technical specifications under-barrel flashlight "bars FS-3"

Technical data

Tactical light bars FS-3

The type of lantern


Range, m


Luminous flux, not less than, LM


The angle of the beam divergence, °


Physical and operational characteristics

The voltage, V


The type of power sources

Battery CR-123, DL123, 18650

Time of continuous operation from fully charged batteries, not less, hour.


Time of continuous operation from a full battery charge in a sparing mode, not less than an hour.


Range of working temperatures, °C

from -25 to +40

Dimensions, mm





NP JSC "bars", Russia

Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
190 × 65 × 53
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)