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Photoadapter 31,75/М42х0,75

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The main purpose of photoadapter 31,75 0,75 м42х with eyepiece 1.25

Photoadapter for a telescope is used to connect SLR cameras with thread М42х0,75 with a telescope, the diameter of which is equal to eyepieces 1,25" (31,75 mm). For cameras with bayonet mount (most SLR digital cameras DSLR) you need a adapter with a corresponding bayonet thread М42х0,75.

Photoadapter will allow you to use your telescope as a telephoto lens for photography. And you can take high-quality photos not only of space bodies (planets and satellites of the Solar System, distant galaxies and star clusters), but also all that fall into the field of view of the telescope. It can be any terrestrial objects: cautious birds and wild animals are not allowed at close distance, mountain landscapes, flat landscapes, etc.

The main characteristics of photoadapter 31,75/М42х0,75

  • Mount to the telescope: 1,25" (31,75 mm)
  • Mount to the camera: M42 thread with a pitch of 0.75
  • Dimensions 51 × 45 × 93 mm
  • Net weight 113 grams
  • Country of origin - China
  • Brand Sturman

Design features of photoadapter 31,75/М42х0,75

Photoadapter for telescopes 31,75/М42х0,75 provides the necessary length of the working segment of the footage also observed the exact orientation of the telescope relative to the lens used on the camera. For more information on the technical characteristics of photoadapter 31,75/М42х0,75 contact us by phone 8 (495) 989 56 10 or via the website of our online store, leaving your question in a special form.

To attach digital camera to telescope with photoadapter with a bore diameter of 1.25" (31.75 mm) you will need the appropriate T-ring, bayonet lock coupling which is suitable for a specific camera. It should be attention that various manufacturers SLR cameras use different standards for mounting lenses, and respectively for each specific camera, use your T-ring.

Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
51 × 45 × 93
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
48 × 50 × 103
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