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Kenko MILTOL 200mm F4 NAI (for Nikon)

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The main purpose of a spotting scope MIL TOL 200mm F4 NAI

MIL TOL 200mm F4 NAI is a wonderful telescope for observations. In addition is a quality telephoto lens for photography. T-ring Nikon will allow you to set the telescope MIL TOL on SLR this company. Optical design refractor, consisting of 4 lenses in 2 groups . Supplied with a special adapter for mounting on a tripod or a tripod. On lenses applied multi-layer coating, which provide high-quality and clear image of objects even at a great distance.

The versatility of MIL TOL 200mm F/4 NAI allows you to use it in many areas. The observation or photographing with the use of this accessory will delight any budding photographer. Even professionals will also be very pleased to use superior optics MIL TOL. Fast lens (F/4) allows to comfortably carry out surveillance even in low light. Along with the ocular telescopic set of Kenko Zenith Mirror Set you can assemble a small telescope for observing the night sky or the disc of the moon. It should also be noted that the expansion of the range of magnifications you will need a variety of eyepieces for telescopes with the diameter of 1.25" (31,75) mm.

The main characteristics of the telescope MIL TOL 200mm F4 NAI

  • Telescope used as a telephoto lens or a telescope
  • Optical scheme - 4 lenses in 2 groups
  • Minimum focus distance - 2 m
  • Focal length 200 mm
  • Aperture F/4
  • Zoom in macro mode of 1:6.6
  • Maximum aperture – f/4
  • The filter diameter 55 mm
  • Mount T-mount Nikon
  • 10 years warranty

Design features of the telescope Miltol 200mm F4 NAI

The main difference between a spotting scope Miltol 200mm F/4 NAI is a special bayonet mount standard Nikon, which allows you to use the tube as a telephoto lens for SLR cameras from this manufacturer. Manual adjustment of focus with decent speed focusing ring (240°) allow smooth and very fine tune the optics. The lens aperture of F/4 gives you the opportunity to achieve good depth of field (DOF), and also allows you to shoot in difficult conditions (insufficient light, twilight). If when shooting you want to ensure a fixed position of the camera - recommended use of a tripod or tripod. To this end, the set includes a special tripod ring.

Spotting scope is equipped with a metal lens hood with screw mount. It also provides the use of 55-millimeter filters that will help to obtain a better image observed or photographed object, which will also protect the front lens surface from dust and mechanical damage. The specialists of our online store will gladly tell you about the operational and technical features of the telescope Miltol 200mm F4 NAI. Ask your questions on our website (there is a special form) or by phone (495) 989-10-56.

Package includes:

  • Spotting Miltol 200mm F4 NAI
  • Blend
  • T-ring for Nikon
  • Tripod mount ring
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Packaging - cardboard box

Technical characteristics of the telescope Miltol 200mm F4 NAI

Technical data

Miltol 200mm F4 NAI

Optical scheme

Refractor (4 lenses in 2 groups)

Focal length, mm


Maximum aperture, F


Minimum aperture, F


Angle, °

12° 24'

Minimum focusing distance, m


Zoom in macro mode


Thread diameter for filter, mm


Ar coating


Physical and operational characteristics


Metal, aluminum


T-mount Nikon


Threaded metal

Dimensions (diameter x length), mm

69 x 151




Matte black



Warranty, years


Lens diameter (mm)
Field of view (deg)
Close focus (m)
Case material
aluminum alloy
Tripod socket 1/4"
Tripod Adapter
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
69 × 15 × 1
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
260 × 145 × 120
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
  • MIL TOL - универсальная оптическая система