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Bracket side Kochetova with strap Weaver

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Out of stock

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The main side bracket Kochetova with strap Weaver

Bracket side Kochetova equipped with arms base weaver with a length of 139 mm. the Product is intended for installation on hunting rifles Mosin. Length of gun base allows mounting on virtually any sighting equipment: daytime optical sights, night vision scopes, dot sights and other gun accessories with Weaver mount (weaver) or Picatinny (Picatinny).

Installation on the weapon. The carbine Mosin needs to be pre-equipped with a strap for the arms Kochetova. The bracket is made of steel grade 45, and weaver's strap is made of durable alloy D-16T. Side bracket Kochetova provides immobility sighting equipment when shooting. For questions about operational characteristics, installation method weapons, order, or the delivery side bracket Kochetova with strap Weaver will tell you, the managers of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. You can ask a question directly on the website in a special tab, and we will promptly reply to it.

The package

  • Bracket side Kochetova with strap Weaver (complete)
  • Packaging

Specifications side bracket Kochetova with strap Weaver

Technical data

BK Kochetova\Weaver

Fastening on the weapon

Side bracket for bracket Kochetova

Mount optics

Weaver (weaver) or Picatinny (Picatinny) 21 mm

Installed equipment

Optical sights, night vision devices, collimators, flashlights, laser pointer, microphones etc.

Designed for weapons

The Carbine Mosin

Physical and operational characteristics


Mount - 45 steel, strap weaver - alloy D-16T



Dimensions length base weaver, mm




Case material
The coverage of the case
Weaver rail, SVD / AK side rail
Dimensions (mm)
139 × 54 × 45
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
140 × 55 × 45
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)