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LBN headband magnifier-2.5 x

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Out of stock

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The main purpose binocular headband magnifier LSD-2.5 x

The main purpose binocular headband magnifier LSD-2.5 x is examining small objects with both eyes when doing precise work. Magnifier is made at JSC "KOMZ" (Kazan optical and mechanical plant) and meets the General technical requirements GOST 25706-83. Binocular loupe perfectly compensates for reduced visual acuity in the observation of fine detail using the optical zoom.

The use of special prismatic lenses mounted on a movable frame, allows you to use all the advantages of binocular vision. In addition, by using the adjustable points of support you will always be able to bring a magnifying glass out of sight. Application headlamp magnifier completely frees your hands, this advantage is especially important in the production of accurate work.

Key features binocular headband magnifier LSD-2.5 x

  • High-quality glass optics
  • Prismatic lenses
  • Optical zoom 2.5 x
  • Focal length 120 - 200 mm
  • Linear field of view 120 mm
  • Dimensions 56х188х240 mm
  • Manufacturer - JSC "KOMZ, Kazan optical-mechanical plant"
  • Manufacturer warranty - 1 year

Scope of LBN headlamp magnifier-2.5 x

LBN headband binocular loupe-2.5 x has found its application in the field of electronics, specialists in manufacture and repair of jewelry, forensics, laboratory workers, etc. If you have any questions about technical characteristics and features binocular headband magnifier LSD-2.5 x, you can ask them to our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56, you can also leave your question on the website and we will get back to you.

Package includes:

  • LBN binocular loupe-2.5 x - 1 PC.
  • Technical passport 1 PCs.
  • Warranty card 1 PC.

Technical characteristics of the headlamp LBN binocular loupes-2.5 x

Technical data

LBN binocular loupe-2.5 x

Glass, plastic
Physical and operational characteristics
Magnification, times 2,5
Linear field of view ,mm
Focal length, mm120 - 200
Weight, g
Dimensions, mm
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
265 × 200 × 75
Gross weight 1 (kg)