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General informations

Photographic catadioptric lens MC RUBINAR 10/1000 MACRO with multi-layer anti-reflection coating of the optical surfaces is designed as an interchangeable lens for reflex cameras with 25x36 mm frame size. The lens is used for black-and-white and colour photographs. The lens has a macro-limit, the nearest distance is 4 m. The using of the tripod makes it possible to arrange the frames by turning the lens with the camera into the special ring. The lens is designed for photohunting, close-up photography landscapes, architectural details, sporting contests and other remote objects. Before the lens using make a careful study of operation instructions.


Focal length, mm 1000
Geometrical relative aperture 1:10
Angular field of view, deg. 2.5
Focusing limits, m from 4 to infinity
working distance, mm 45.5
Resolving power at infinity, mm-1:
in the field center
over the edge of the field

Connecting with the camera:
MC Rubinar-K 10/1000 macro
MC Rubinar 10/1000 macro

bayonet "mount K"
thread M42x1
Connecting thread for light filters, attachments and lens hood M116x1
Connecting thread for tripod, inch 1/4¨
Slip joint for attachments, mm 122
Overall dimensions at infinity, without lids, max, mm

Mass without lids, max, kg 2.3

Delivery set

Lens MC RUBINAR 10/1000 MACRO 1 pc
Front lid 1 pc
Rear lid 1 pc
Lens hood 1 pc
Case 1 pc
Operation instructions 1 copy

Lens MC RUBINAR 10/1000 MACRO design

The thread in the front part of the MC RUBINAR 10/1000 MACRO serves for screwing in the lens hood and attachments. The distabce scale serves for approximate focusing; the distance values are shown in metres and in foot. The focusing is performed by rotation the ring. Accurate focusing is performed over the ground glass. The ring serves for fixing the lens on the tripod and for turning the frame on 90° during the arrangement of the subject.

Operating procedure

Before installation of lens on the camera take off the rear lid. When installation the lens "MC Rubinar-K 10/1000 macro" bring into coincidence the marks (red points) on the bayonet rings of the lens and of the camera and turn the lens clockwise as far as it will go. Screw in the lens "MC Rubinar 10/1000 macro" in the camera as far as it will go.
Owning to the great mass of the lens it is recommended to use a tripod. The using of the tripod makes it possible to turn the frame on 90°; in this case the lens with the camera andthe turning ring remains immovable.
The lens focusing is performed by rotation the focusing ring until the sharpest possible image of the object is obtained on the ground glass. The distance range from 6 m to 4 m is a macrophotography and the scale of photography is from 1:6 to 1:4.

Lens care

Photographic lens MC RUBINAR 10/1000 MACRO is a complicated and sensitive optical instrument that needs careful treatment. Disassembling of the lens for repairs is admitted only in the special repair shop. The lens is designed for photographing at the temperature from -15°C to +45°C. when bringing the lens from the cold into a warm room, don't open its case to prevent fogging of optical details. Allow the lens to warm up in the closed case during 3 hours. When not using the lens close its lids. Keep the lens in its case. Protect the lens from blows, moisture, dirtying and sharp fluctuation of temperature. Take care of the coated surface of the lens; mousture that is found for a long time of the coated surfaces may spoil the coating film. Don't touch the optical details. Remove dust from surface with a clean soft degreased hair brush. Dirty spots are best removed with a cotton wool wad on a small wooden stick. It is necessary to slightly moisten a wad in rectified alcohol, ether or mixture of these substanses. The large dirtying remove with several wads. Clean the surface with circular motions, gradually moving from the center of the lens to its edges.