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Forensic magnifier 2,5*-6* with backlight

Internal code: 5263
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Out of stock

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The main purpose of forensic magnifier 2,5 x-6x

Forensic magnifier is intended for examining small items. Main lens with optical diameter 68 mm and a magnification of 2.5 X. For a detailed study or work with more small details magnifier is equipped with additional integrated lens light with a diameter of 17 mm and 6x magnification. In low light conditions it is possible to use backlight is integrated into the handle. Thus, the optical magnifier can be used without artificial light sources. High quality lenses are securely mounted in a metal housing.

Key features of criminalistic magnifier 2,5 x-6x

  • Main lens with magnification 2.5 x
  • Extra lens with 6x magnification
  • Metal case
  • High quality optical part
  • Protective lens coating
  • Autonomous lighting
  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries voltage 3V (not included)

The scope of forensic magnifier 2,5 x-6x

Forensic magnifier can be used for not only criminologists, but also in everyday life, for example, when reading small fonts, etc. in addition, the presence of Autonomous illumination makes it a versatile tool for solving various professional tasks. The experienced staff of our online store is ready to answer all your questions regarding the forensic magnifier or any other product located on the resource page. Call us by phone (495) 989-10-56 or leave questions directly to the section you are interested in the product.

Package includes:

  • Forensic magnifier - 1 PC.
  • Packing 1 PC.
  • Technical passport 1 PCs.
  • Warranty card 1 PC.

Technical characteristics of criminalistic magnifier 2,5 x-6x

Technical data

Forensic magnifier

Glass, metal
Physical and operational characteristics
The increase in the main lens, times 2,5
The increase in additional lenses, times 6
Light diameter of the main lens, mm
Light diameter of lens,mm17
Food, 3V
2 batareika type AA
Weight, g
Is 0.260
Dimensions, mm
Lens diameter (mm)
2.5 — 6
Case material
aluminum alloy
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
225 × 80 × 45
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)