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BOB magnifier 1-4*

Internal code: 359
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Out of stock

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The main purpose ЛПП1 pocket magnifier-4x

Foldable magnifier ЛПП1-4 - magnifying device, made in robust plastic housing. Polymer optics lens has a protective coating that not only repels dust, but also effectively protects the surface from mechanical shocks and scratches rough handling. Magnifier has a 4x magnification, the focal length 56 mm. These optical parameters allow the use of a pocket magnifier for reading fine print, viewing stamps, electronic circuits, a detailed study of topographic maps, etc.

Key features ЛПП1 pocket magnifier-4x

  • High quality polymer optics
  • Optical 4x magnification
  • Focal length 56 mm
  • Linear field of view 45 mm
  • Light lens diameter 28 mm
  • Dimensions 51,5 x 42 x 15 mm
  • Weight 0,020 kg
  • The product meets the requirements of GOST 25706-83
  • Manufacturer - JSC "KOMZ" Kazan. Russia.

If you have any questions about the optical and technical characteristics of the mother-of-pearl magnifying glass 4x ЛПП1-4, the managers of our online store can advise you by phone (495) 989-10-56, also you can post your question on the website and we will get back to you.

Package includes:

  • ЛПП1 folding magnifier-4x - 1 PC.
  • Packaging - without packaging.
  • Warranty card
  • Label 1 PC.

Specifications of pocket magnifying glass ЛПП1-4

Technical data

ЛПП1 folding magnifier-4x



Physical characteristics

Magnification, times


Diameter lens without frame, mm


Linear field of view ,mm


Focal length, mm


Weight, kg


Dimensions, mm

51,5 x 42 x 15

Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
51 × 42 × 15
Gross weight 1 (kg)