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Mounting Sturman Porta

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The purpose of the mount Sturman Porta

The mount for the telescope must be resistant to vibrations, loads and wind gusts, and consistent with the goals and objectives of the observation.

Mounting Sturman Porta — portable and mobile option for field observations: total weight — 7.1 kg, length when folded 90 cm. Smooth running due to the Teflon bearings on both axles, two types of mounting mechanisms and the thin leads provide a convenient and multifunctional use — day observation and study of objects of the night sky.

The main characteristics of the mount Sturman Porta

  • Type – altazimuth
  • Two-piece stainless steel tripod
  • Shelf for accessories
  • Two types of mounting of the optical observation devices

Design features of the mount Sturman Porta

Azimuth mount Sturman Porta mount dovetail is suitable for telescopes of small and middle sizes weighing up to 6.8 kg and a diameter of 130 mm. Universal mounting plate is used for mounting photographic equipment, night vision devices, binoculars or spotting scopes weight more than 4 kg. the Body is made of aluminum alloy, two-piece tripod — stainless steel. The "legs" of the tripod is adjustable in height.

For ground-based observing support telescope installed in a vertical position, for a review of observations of the night sky at an angle of 60 deg. to the horizon: it's easier to balance and restore the optics to the Zenith.

The mount allows you to move the telescope in altitude (up and down) and azimuth (left-right). First, running "rough" aiming at the object through the retaining clips, then thin, with mechanisms of thin movements.

Competent managers will answer any questions about the types of mounts and optical parameters of the telescopes. Call us by phone 8 (495) 989-10-56 or post your question on the website online store.


  • Two-piece stainless steel tripod
  • Mount
  • Shelf for accessories for installation and fixing
  • Handle subtle movements short
  • The handle is thin movements long
  • Universal mounting plate
  • Hex key

Technical characteristics of the mount Sturman Porta

Technical data

Type mount




The maximum diameter of the telescope, mm, 130
Maximum operating load, kg
- with mounting dovetail
- with universal plate


Physical and operational characteristics


Aluminum alloy, stainless steel


Length folded cm


Length in the spread out kind, sm


Total weight, kg, incl.:
- tripod
Lens diameter (mm)
Case material
aluminum alloy, steel
Net weight (kg)
Part manufacturer