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monocular MP 10x40

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The main purpose of the MP 10x40 monocular

Monocular MP 10x40 - standard magnification of 10 x and forty millimeter high-aperture lens gives you the ability to use the device not only in an open area with good lighting, but and to conduct supervision in twilight. Large aperture provides adventure enough light to get the perfect image of even distant objects in conditions of poor visibility.

The optical design of the monocular MP 10x40 built on the basis of Porro prisms which increase the focal length of a device without changing its overall dimensions. Multi-layer coating of the optical elements also contributes to obtaining high contrast and sharp images. Monocular MP 10x40 is a great tool for a wide range of observations.

The main characteristics of MP 10x40 monocular

  • The optical design of the monocular contains Porro prism
  • Black body paint, covered with artificial leather
  • Smooth focus mechanism with diopter adjustment
  • Supplied with strap carrying case
  • The opportunity to observe people in glasses (diopter and sun)
  • Manufacturer's warranty - 5 years
  • Manufacturer Kazan Optical-mechanical plant

Learn about the main technical characteristics and design features of the MP 10x40 monocular can be managers of our online store. For this, you can call us by phone (495) 989-10-56 or write your question on the website.

Design features of MP 10x40 monocular

The robust housing of the monocular MP 10x40 made of metal, has a coating of faux leather and coloured black. The waterproof casing allows you to not worry for the safety of the optics during operation of the monocular in a wide range of operating temperatures (-40...+50) degrees Celsius. The model of the optical device can withstand moisture, dust and splashes. Immersion in water is unacceptable!

Focusing on a desired object by turning the eyepiece. The smoothness of the mechanism provides the ability to follow even for moving objects. Wide angle view of the monocular makes it a perfect tool for observation in the open space.

Nominal design exit pupil distance 12 mm, and also the possibility of diopter correction ± 5 units provides good conditions for people with limited vision. The optics can be customized to your individual parameters view.

Supplied with monocular, 10x40 MP

The package contains: monocular, storage case, user manual, strap and warranty card.

Technical characteristics of the MP 10x40 monocular

Technical data

MP 10x40

Optical scheme Porro Prism
Optical characteristics
Magnification, x
Light lens diameter, mm40
The minimum focusing distance, m
Physical and operational characteristics
Lens materialglass
Case material
The coverage of the case
Faux leather
Lens diameter (mm)
Close focus (m)
Optical designs
Porro prism
Case material
aluminum alloy
The coverage of the case
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
155 × 73 × 57
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
185 × 80 × 60
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer