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Front sight fiber optic STURMAN, orange 71mm

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The purpose and advantages of a fiber optic front sight STURMAN

Front sight fiber optic STURMAN improves the accuracy and speed of sight due to the bright aiming points. Fiber optic rod gathers light along its length and concentrates it in the end point, which is achieved by multiplying the brightness at the end of the rod. A bright fly to point quickly and easily is eye and the speed of sight is greatly increased. The fly weighs almost nothing and therefore can be simply glued to the high-quality double sided tape directly on the rear sight of the weapon. The tape is already in the crosshairs, it remains only to prepare the bar, remove the protective film from the adhesive tape and carefully stick exactly to the fly.
Advantages over fluorescent flies and red-dot sights just weight:
- Since there is no electrical or chemical power it does not need, it is virtually eternal, and the service life is limited only by the accuracy of the owner or of random factors.
- As the final brightness at the end of the fiber is derived from a primary, that is, the natural brightness of ambient light, excessive brightness are eliminated. The front sight will be visible until there's a target, and no adjustments are required. By itself, the front sight does not glow and does not create the unmasking effect. But it will be the brighter, the brighter the surrounding light. That is, it is as if she adapts to the environment.
No, even the most sociable, the collimator can not block the field of view a little bit. There is always a frame that prevents the review. There is always glass that is not completely transparent, and cheap, available collimators, the light transmittance is 60...70%! That is, in the twilight of aim in them is very problematic. Have the fiber optic front sight there are no frames and lenses.

Main features fibre optic front sight STURMAN

  • STURMAN bright front sight on the rear sight for hunting and sporting arms.
  • Weighs almost nothing and does not occupy space
  • Does not require batteries and special care
  • The brightness corresponds to the level of natural ambient lighting
  • Creates the effect of a luminous point on the target,facilitates aiming in twilight and darker hours of the day.
  • Easy to install and requires no special skills.
  • Mounted on the bar using a special tape supplied, width 6 mm.
  • The quality is absolutely not inferior to foreign samples.

The supplied front sight fiber optic:

- Front sight fiber STURMAN
- Cloth degreasing
- Installation instructions
- Packaging blister

Production: CJSC "PRODUCTION GROUP", Russia.

The coverage of the case
Country of origin
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
158 × 90 × 23
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Установка мушки RUBY на оружие.
  • Установка мушки RUBY
  • Мушка RUBY