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Lens MC Zenitar-S 2,8/16

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Out of stock

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The use of lens MC Zenitar-S 2,8/16

MC Zenitar-16/2,8 – ultra wide angle short throw lens-class "Fish eye"-mount type Canon. A diagonal "fisheye" lens provides a viewing angle of 180 degrees. on the diagonal frame to full frame (full frame) SLR cameras. "Kropotki" camera (crop factor 1,6) get a good wide-angle lens equivalent to a 26 mm lens.

The model is designed for reportage photography and photographing landscapes, will help to realize creative ideas and capture interesting compositions.

Operating parameters and properties of lens MC Zenitar-S 2,8/16

  • Viewing angle 180 deg. diagonal frame ("Fish-Eye")
  • Multicoated optics, light transmission rate is 0,88
  • Sharp image at maximum aperture
  • The resolution at the center of the field of view of 60 lines/mm
  • Diaphragm type – 6-blade manual
  • Range of aperture 1:2,8–1:22
  • The minimum distance of shooting – 0.3 m
  • Compact and rugged design, accurate Assembly
  • The type of connection to the camera: bayonet type "C" (Canon) with a length of 44 mm working distance.
  • Setting aperture and focus are manual
  • There are modifications for cameras with the bayonet mount Pentax, Nikon F, and thread М42х1

Description lens MC Zenitar-S 2,8/16

The quality of the photograph depends not only on camera but also on the type and parameters of the used lens. Feature "fichev" – strong barrel distortion, which allows to obtain interesting images with unusual curvature of lines and contours. On a full frame (FF) camera lens reveals the full potential and will work as a diagonal fisheye, on cameras with the Krop-factor - almost like ortostaticeski wide angle lens.

Lens MC Zenitar C 2.8/16 Fish-Eye manual focus settings and aperture are set manually. Multicoated lenses improves contrast and makes it clearer portrayal of small parts, eliminates glare, smudges and ghosting even when shooting against the light. The image is sharp and rich even in the corners of the frame. Buy the Zenith in ouronline store Sturman. Call +7(495) 989-10-56 or leave questions on the website. We will help you choose the optics for observation and photography!

For safe operation in the bayonet ring of the lens is a compensator or a transparent filter (plane-parallel plate of clear glass). The compensator can be replaced by special filters (sold separately): colored to enhance contrast and obtain interesting effects in black and white photography, neutral - to weaken the light flux.

The lenses of Zenitar lenses With (geometrically corresponds to Canon EF mount) manual aperture, the interaction between the camera and lens is missing. Canon EF mount compatible with camera mounts c mount lenses EF-S format (APS-C).

Package contents:

  • Storage case
  • Protective cover (front and back)
  • Manual
  • Warranty card

Specifications lens MC Zenitar-S 2,8/16


Number of lenses / components


Focal length, mm


- minimum
- maximum

Angle field of view, grad. 180
Minimum distance, m 0,3
Frame size, mm 24x36

Physical and operational characteristics

The thread for filter is mm

M26. 5x0. 5

The type of connection with the camera mount type "C" (Canon) with a working segment 44 mm
Dimensions, mm Ø 64х49
Weight, g 310
Operating temperature, C° -15...+45


Krasnogorskiy Zavod of Zverev (Zenit)