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Lens MC Zenitar-1.2/50 S(crop.)

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Optics Zenitar is designed for those who like the process is not less than the result.

Purpose lens MC Zenitar-1.2/50 S (crop)

Interchangeable lens MC Zenitar-1,2/50 S – fast lens without aspherical surfaces (Spherical S), are designed for SLR film and digital cameras standard APS-C (crop factor 1.5) c-mount (Canon). When shooting a full-frame camera there is vignetting in the corners of the frame.

The model is suitable for portrait and street shooting day and reduced-light situations.

The options and quality of lens MC Zenitar-1.2/50 S (crop)

  • For cameras with APS-C matrix
  • Modes manual focus and aperture
  • High resolution, good sharpness, absence of spherical aberrations, narrow grip
  • 9-blade aperture with manual transmission
  • Focal length – 50 mm, outside diafragmirovanija 1:1.2-1:16
  • The minimum distance of shooting – 45 cm
  • The working field of view is 32 deg.
  • Multi-coated optical elements, high-grade color reproduction and contrast
  • Durable "indestructible" all-metal case and 2 protective covers
  • The type of connection to the camera: bayonet type "C" (Canon) with a working segment 44 mm
  • Further developed versions for cameras with thread М62х0,75 and H-mount (Nikon F)

Description and operation with lens MC Zenitar-1.2/50 S (crop)

MC Zenitar-1.2/50 S (crop.) – compact lens Zenit for fans of: discreet design and robust housing, high aperture ratio, color reproduction and contrast level, minimal spherical distortion, nice bokeh and soft smooth focusing, Chromatic aberration present but easily fixed in a couple of clicks in any graphic editor. So there is nothing to fear.

The options "focus" and "aperture" are set by the user manually on the lens, and the values of the white balance, exposure and ISO are selected in the camera settings. Focusing ring with smooth running swivels 180 degrees.

For a more precise focus on digital SLR cameras it is recommended to use live view. You can increase your area of interest and focus (photographing) visually via the display of the camera itself, not through the optical viewfinder (peephole). However, this method is much slower than regular focusing.

Night landscape photography is characterized by the presence of circular halos from light sources and may require further refinement in image editor. If your goal is to take "bokeh" (the images, the blurry out of focus area) for further creative use and make your photos artistic effects, you won't be disappointed.

The lenses of Zenitar lenses With (geometrically corresponds to Canon EF mount) manual aperture, the interaction between the camera and lens is missing. Canon EF mount compatible with camera mounts c mount lenses EF-S format (APS-C). For further information please contact managers of "GIMEHKS" by phone +7 (495) 989-10-56 or ask questions on the website of the online store. Just ask us — we will reply!

Package contents:

  • Protective covers
  • Case
  • The manual and warranty card

Specifications lens MC Zenitar-1.2/50 S (crop)


The type of lens
Number of lenses / components


Focal length, mm


- minimum
- maximum

The angle of sight, grad. 32
Minimum distance, m 0,45
Frame size, mm 24x18

Physical and operational characteristics

The thread for filter is mm


The type of connection with the camera mount type "C" (Canon) with a working segment 44 mm
Dimensions, mm 74х82
Weight, g 630
Operating temperature, C° -15...+45


Krasnogorskiy Zavod of Zverev (Zenit)

Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
123 × 99 × 94
Gross weight 1 (kg)