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Collimator PCM without attachment

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Reflex sight 1x25 PKM is designed for aimed shooting from hunting weapons.

Advantages of red-dot sight 1x25 PKM are:

- three kinds of aiming mark;

- adjustment of the aiming mark;

- the exact mechanism of reconciliation;

- large field of view due to simultaneous aiming and target observation with both eyes;

- allows to increase the rate of fire and accuracy on fast moving targets;

- dustproof waterproof design of the sight;

- small dimensions and weight.


Magnification: 1-fold magnification.

Objective lens diameter: 25 mm.

Parallax: no more than 1 min.

The angular size of the aiming mark type "point": 4 min.

The number of sighting marks types: 3.

The price of a single click of the input mechanisms of the angular amendments: 2.5 cm/100 m.

Time of continuous operation of the sight at the maximum luminous intensity of the aiming mark: 8 h

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C.

Power source: one element of SR 2430.

Supply voltage: 3±0.5 V.

The current consumption at the maximum luminous intensity of the aiming mark not more than 30mA.

Dimensions: 112х56х68 mm.

Weight: 300 g

Additional equipment:

- bracket side mounts to install the sight on the carbines "Tiger", "saiga", "Vepr" guide type "dovetail" 100х14х4 mm;

- bracket upper bracket for mounting the sight on a hunting carbine "Los-7" rail type "dovetail" 102х13х2,6 mm;

- the bracket top bracket for mounting of the sight on shotguns with ventilated strap with a width of 6-8 mm;

- overlay WEAVER with a strap with a width of 20.5 mm at rifle-type IZH-58 16 gauge.

Lens diameter (mm)
4 —
Field of view (deg)
The distance of no parallax (m)
Weaver rail, 3/8" dovetail rail, SVD / AK side rail
Adjustment per click at 100m (mm)
The adjustment range (m/100m)
Dot size (MOA)
Illumination of a grid
FFP reticle (first focal plane)
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
190 × 100 × 75
Gross weight 1 (kg)