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Rifle scope NV DIPOL 161 PRO/WEAVER

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The range of night vision scopes Pro Dipol D161 D161 different from the large increase — 4 KRATA (D161 — 2.5 x) and the presence of laser infrared light (diode instead). Call us sweat phone +7 (495) 989-10-56 or by posting questions on the website of our online store, you can get all the necessary information about scope NV Dipol.

The main purpose of the rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro / Weaver

Rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro/Weaver (IIT I) is intended for search, detection, and precise pointing of the hunting weapon to the target in conditions with low natural light conditions (night in the presence of a ¼ moon in the sky) within the working distance (up to 300m). Set on shotguns and rifles with a Weaver mount on the bar under firing ammunition medium caliber (shock load up to 500 g). Built-in laser IR illuminator with adjustable power and the diameter of the light spot is used as an additional light source to improve visibility and navigation.

Advantages and features of rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro / Weaver

  • IIT generation I (ЭП33У (В8У)) of domestic production, the green phosphor
  • Good resolution and sharpness the center field of view
  • Provides acceptable parameters for observations in the evening and night in the presence of the moon, at least in the first quarter phase, max range surveillance and detection — 200 meters
  • Magnification 4x, field of view 9°
  • The focus ring of the lens on the eyepiece, the minimum distance without parallax — 5 meters
  • An eyepiece diopter adjustment range from -4 to +4 diopter, comfortable rubber Eyecup
  • Built-in laser IR illuminator with wavelength of 805 nm, variable power, diameter and position of the light spot
  • Plex reticle with adjustable brightness reticle lines
  • Drums entering amendments vertically and horizontally, screw the protective cap is comfortable to grip with gloved fingers, the price for 1 pitch — 24 mm / 100 m
  • Side rail for installation of additional accessories
  • Durable case made of thermoplastic CFRP, ultimate strength – 500 g
  • Sealed design, protection class — IPX5 (water jet spray and rain)
  • Integrated protective lens cover with a built-in filter

The sensitivity of the photocathode electron-optical Converter of 1 generation allows easy to hunt without light in the early twilight, or full moon in a snowy field. The image in traditional green and yellow colours, quite clear, with minimal distortion around the edge. IIT is sensitive to the illumination, therefore, do not operate without lens cover in daylight or when light levels more than 5 Lux.

The shooter can adjust the brightness of reticle Plex for optimum image lines on a background of purpose or study area. Zeroing the weapon is conducted in the dark or in a very dark environment, the amendments introduced by means of two drums of alignment with a pitch of 24 mm / 100 m. Screw-on protective cap that covers the flywheels in the field, comfortable to grip with gloved fingers.

Built-in laser infrared illuminator has a smooth power adjustment and the size of the spot light. The position of the light spot relative to the optical axis of the sight can be adjusted by special screws on the housing of the illuminator. To increase the range of observation and recognition on the side bar set forth additional, more powerful illumination.

To adjust the sharpness eliminate the effect of parallax at distances between 5 m scope is equipped with a focusing mechanism with a non — standard location-at the eyepiece, near the diopter adjustment wheel.

The body is made of carbon fiber, is characterized by wear resistance, high strength and low specific density 1.18 g/cm3 (aluminum alloys — up to 3 g/cm3.

Table of the technical characteristics of rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro / Weaver

Technical data

Electro-optical Converter

Generation of EOP


Brand IIT

ЭП33У (В8У)

Country of origin


The diameter of the working area of the photocathode, mm


Integral photocathode sensitivity, µa/LM,no less 200 (250)
The resolution limit, lines/mm 30 (35)
Resistance to mechanical shock, g 500


Magnification, times


Lens focus, mm




The field of view, °


Field of view m/100 m

The minimum focusing distance, m From 5 to infinity
The removal of exit pupil, mm 45
Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter +4
Built-in IR illuminator



Wavelength, nm


Equivalent power, mW 40
Range of detection, m (object 0,5x1,8m;illumination 5x10 -3Lux) up to 300


The voltage, V


Type of batteries

2 x AA

Battery life (without IR), hours


The use of the weapon

Mesh type


The color of the grid


Price 1 click, mm/100m

Range of input of amendments, m:
- 50 m
- 100 m

Shock resistance on the steel (valid значениеЕ0), Joules 5920
Fastening on the weapon Rail Weaver

Physical and operational characteristics

Case material

Carbon fiber
Operating temperature range,
-10 ... +50

Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529)


The weight (without e-ov power supply), kg


Overall dimensions, mm

255 x 95 x 82

Warranty period, years

Country of origin
Diopter adjustment, DPTR
Case material
Weaver rail
Fine Crosshair
IR illumination
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
analog, gen. 1
Dimensions (mm)
255 × 95 × 82
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
320 × 180 × 110
Gross weight 1 (kg)