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Rifle scope NV DIPOL 161PRO/EBPO

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The main purpose of the rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro/EURO

Model based on a TUBE of a first generation night vision Dipol D161 Pro/Euro providing a clear image of the object within the working distance and is designed for searching, observation and shooting in twilight or at night, when bright ¼ moon in the sky.

Using bracket "Evroprizma" the device is mounted on the hunting weapon with a mount a MAK or Apel Blaser, with the help of racks LEP — carabiners with strap dovetail width 8-11 mm.

Design features of a rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro/EURO

  • The electron-optical Converter of the first generation ЭП33У with increase in light intensity not less than 500 times the sensitivity of the photocathode is not less than 200 µa/LM
  • A clear image of the target resolution in the center at least 24 lines/mm
  • The design of the TUBE provides resistance to shock loadings of 500 g (shooting ammo with initial bullet energy of ~ 6 thousand joules)
  • The projection of the reticle yellow color with a smooth change of brightness
  • Rubber Eyecup for masking the glow of the EOP
  • Visible laser IR illumination with adjustable (from min to 40 mW) with capacity and diameter of the light spot
  • 4x zoom, field of view 15.7 m/100m
  • Internal focusing lens at a distance of 5 meters
  • The adjustment range of the eyepiece -4 to +4 diopter
  • Light weight waterproof shell made of CFRP
  • Reliable performance in difficult weather conditions (-10 to +50°C) and at high air humidity class of protection IPX5
  • An additional bracket on the case to install an additional IR illuminator
  • Drums entering amendments with protective caps and the price of division of scales 24 mm/ 100 m
  • Lens cap with the aperture and fixed to the housing

Svetosilnyj IIT enough without backlight to fire in the early dusk, or on a clear night in an open area. In other cases, there is an additional light source — built-in laser IR illumination with a wavelength of 805 nm and continuously adjustable power of radiation. The diameter of the light spot is adjusted to the range of observation and shooting. Dense rubber Eyecup conceals the luminescence of the TUBE and protects from side light.

The body of the rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro/Euro made of composite polymer, which comprises chopped carbon fibers. The use of carbon fiber reduced the weight of the device (compared to models with similar models from other manufacturers) without compromising the strength characteristics. Structure maintains integrity in demanding environments (protection class according to IEC 60529 — IPX5) and is operated at a temperature below -10°C. the Resistance of the TUBE to the mechanical loads up to 500 g provides the use of rifles and carbines, firing rounds with an initial energy of the bullet up to 6000 joules.

Reticle with variable brightness allows you to enter the necessary amendments before the shooting and to estimate the distance to the target. The brightness of the aiming mark and the IR illumination located on the side of the housing, easy to rotate even with gloved fingers. Lens cap is attached to the body and never lost.

The internal focus mechanism of the lens adjusts the sharp image of the target at a distance of 5 meters. For mounting additional accessories (infrared light or directional microphone) on the body strap weaver rail mount. Only we have the most complete information about each sight Dipol D161 Pro (I). Call us by phone 8 (495) 989-10-56 or leave a question on the website online storeand we will certainly get back to you!

Technical characteristics of the rifle scope NV Dipol D161 Pro/EURO

Technical data

Electro-optical Converter

Generation of EOP


Brand IIT

ЭП33У (В8У)

The diameter of the working area of the photocathode, mm


Integral photocathode sensitivity, µa/LM,no less 200
The resolution limit, lines/mm, not less 24-30
Resistance to mechanical shock, g 500


Magnification, times


Lens focus, mm




The field of view, °


Field of view m/100 m

The minimum focusing distance, m From 5 to infinity
The removal of exit pupil, mm 45
Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter +4
Range of detection, m (object 0,5x1,8m;illumination 5x10 -3Lux) 250-300
Built-in IR illuminator



Wavelength, nm


Equivalent power, mW 40


The voltage, V


Type of batteries

2 x AA

Battery life (without IR), hours


The use of the weapon

Mesh type


The color of the grid


Price 1 click, mm/100m

Range of input of amendments, m:
- 50 m
- 100 m

Shock resistance on the steel (valid значениеЕ0), Joules, no more
Fastening on the weapon Evroprizma

Physical and operational characteristics

Case material

Carbon fiber
Operating temperature range,
-10 ... +50

Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529)


The weight (without e-ov power supply), kg


Overall dimensions, mm

255 x 95 x 82

Warranty period, years

Country of origin
Lens diameter (mm)
4 —
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Field of view (deg)
4 — —
The maximum range of measurement, m
Diopter adjustment, DPTR
Euro prizm rail
Fine Crosshair
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
320 × 180 × 110
Gross weight 1 (kg)